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Vote for the winner of the Cook County Frontline Award

Earlier this year, President Preckwinkle announced the creation of the first annual Frontline Award. The award provides Cook County employees – workers who best understand the services they provide – with a process to submit ideas that improve service or create efficiencies directly to the Board President. Employees were asked to incorporate ideas that met at least one of the President’s four goals: Fiscal Responsibility, Innovative Leadership, Transparency and Accountability, and Improved Services. Our Selection Committee reviewed over 60 entries.

You are now tasked with helping us select the overall winner.

The winning individual or team will win lunch with Cook County Board President and will be recognized at a Cook County Board meeting on April 20th. Please take a moment to read through each of these submissions, and vote on which idea you think would best serve the County.



1) Fiscal Responsibility: Cook County’s Path to Enterprise Integration

Joyce Steele Mosely, Revenue  (click here to read Joyce’s entry)

The Cook County Department of Revenue proposes the development of an Enterprise Shared Services Department. The purpose of this department will be to work with offices across County Government to formulate strategies for sharing resources and information, thus achieving maximum performance and enabling significant improvements to the delivery of public services.

2) Innovative Leadership: Cutting the County’s Carbon Footprint

Timothy Walsh, Risk Management  (click here to read Timothy’s entry)

Each Department should be required to establish a measurable goal designed to reduce the department’s use of natural resources and their associated financial and environmental costs. By leveraging technology such as scanning, two-sided printing, and choosing more fuel efficient vehicles, the use of natural resources could be reduced as well as the County’s “carbon footprint”.

3) Improved Services: Rehabilitative Juvenile Services Initiative

Sarah Yousuf, Public Defender  (click here to read Sarah’s entry)

Our juvenile justice system must emphasize reintegrating juveniles back into society. To achieve this, I propose a pilot program that takes a small number of juveniles who are incarcerated for low-level crimes and sends them to a rehabilitation facility. There, youth workers work with them to rehabilitate them.

4) Transparency and Accountability: Asset Management and Accountability

Andy Pollina, Facilities  (click here to read Andy’s entry)

The County should implement a database to track the purchase of supplies and materials countywide, inventory all items, store in central location and dispense as needed to out buildings and departments.


5) At-large: Workplace Wellness Initiative

Alex Van Dyck, Bureau of Administration  (click here to read Alex's entry)

The Workplace Wellness Initiative invests in employees by educating them on healthier life choices, in turn saving the County money on later health care costs. The problem solved with this initiative is two fold: reducing ever-increasing health care costs, and improving the cohesiveness and overall health of employees.

Our thanks to our selection committee:

Lori Healey – Principal, The John Buck Company
Michael Igoe – Shareholder, Vedder Price
Jorge Ramirez – President, Chicago Federation of Labor
Jerry Roper – President and CEO, Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce
Kurt Summers – Chief of Staff, Cook County Board President
Paula Worthington – Senior Lecturer, University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy
Andrea Zopp – President and CEO, Chicago Urban League

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