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Cook County Launches Socrata-Powered Open Data Site

(From Cook County Board President, Toni Preckwinkle, today unveiled one of the most comprehensive County Open Data sites in the country. The site, powered by the cloud-based Socrata Open Data Platform™, transforms the government’s public data into a universally accessible online resource for residents and communities throughout the County.

The Open Data site is accessible at

“Today’s launch marks a milestone in a sustained effort to deploy smart technology, where appropriate, to enable and accelerate government transformation through Open Data,” says Greg Wass, Cook County Chief Information Officer. In May, the County Board passed the Open Data ordinance which hard-wired its commitment to promoting transparency, civic engagement and accountability into all aspects of government.

“We’re excited to offer our residents an interactive online experience where they can easily discover, explore, visualize and share County data that affects their lives. By promoting universal accessibility, we’re making our public data useful to a broad audience for the very first time,” adds Greg Wass. Every dataset is also accessible programmatically via the standards-based, Socrata Open Data API (SODA), in order to unlock County’s data for the developer community in the most efficient way….

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