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2012 Unincorporated Vehicle Stickers On Sale Now

President Preckwinkle is reminding residents of unincorporated Cook County that vehicle stickers and tags are now on sale at most local township offices, online and at the Cook County Building downtown.

Residents of unincorporated Cook County who own vehicles are required to purchase Cook County Vehicle Licenses, per the Wheel Tax Ordinance (Chapter 74, Article XVI).  Those who own businesses in unincorporated Cook County and keep vehicles there are also required to purchase a sticker.  A late penalty equal to the price of the sticker or $25, whichever is greater, will be charged for purchases after July 1st, 2012.

This year, license prices are as follows:

  • XSV for small passenger vehicles – $80 (4,500 pounds or less)
  • XLV for larger passenger vehicle – $100 (4,500 or more)
  • MB for motorcycle – $50
  • NF, or no vehicle sticker fee for seniors over 65, the physically disabled, disabled veterans and municipal cars.

On November 18, 2011, the County Board of Commissioners voted to raise the Wheel Tax for the first time in six years to help offset the cost of providing services such as highway infrastructure, public health, and safety to pockets of unincorporated Cook.  The last increase in the Wheel Tax was in 2005.  The ordinance was amended in 2009 to include no-fee stickers for vehicles owned by senior citizens, the disabled, municipalities, schools, churches and non-profits.

Vehicle stickers and tags are available online at, at most township offices, or in person at the Cook County Department of Revenue, 118 N. Clark St., Rm. 1160.  Additional information on fees can be found on the website listed above, or by calling 312-603-6961.

4 Responses

  1. John

    $80 per year for small vehicles is obscenely high. The county ought to be ashamed. In these hard times, that’s way too much money.

  2. jeymi rodriguez

    i agree with him its ridiculous!!! ontop that i had to pay my complex sticker to park, i still have to buy a city sticker!!! and for unincorpotated arligton heights idnt even know wherw to get the sticker from!! its all just so confusing and i got a ticket already bc i disnt een know about this sticker! thanx thanx a lot township im very disappointed and extremely mad :(

  3. Madd Dogg

    The vehicle sticker expiration date is so small that I cannot even read it unless I climb on top of my car to read it. I have had all the past 7 stickers on my car without being late. We never received our renewals in the mail, along with several of our neighbors. I was told that the mailings are outsourced to a separate company. Our taxes are paying Cook County to outsource this work and it is not getting done. If I did half of a job I would expect to get fired, maybe Cook County needs to do some hiring and firing. All in all I believe the company in charge of the mailings should be paying our penalties.

  4. It is soo high to pay $75 for not having the sticker & there should be a sign on police computer that , you have being giving tickets & stop ticketing for the same thing. I have three tickets for not having the sticker but cook county has to know the economy is hard to find a job or keep a job . So please reduce ticketing one person more than one.

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