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Reminder: Deadline Date for Appeals on Proposed Assessed Values for West Township is August 23, 2012

Cook County Assessor Joe BerriosCook County Assessor Joseph Berrios announced July 23rd, the mailing of reassessment notices to more than 106,000 residential property owners in West Township. Reassessment notices contain proposed values that will be reflected on second-installment tax bills, which will be due in the fall of 2013. Taxpayers have 30 days to file an appeal on their proposed assessed values. The deadline date for appeals for West Township is August 23, 2012.  Berrios stressed that homeowners do not need an attorney to file an appeal.

“Our goal at the Assessor’s Office is to ensure that all property owners are equitably assessed,” Assessor Berrios said. “I encourage all homeowners to review their reassessment notices carefully to be certain their proposed assessments are fair and accurate.

Each year, the Cook County Assessor’s Office reassesses one-third of the nearly 1.8 million parcels of property located in Cook County. This year, the Assessor’s Office is reassessing properties in the townships located in the City of Chicago.

Among the findings from the West Township reassessment:

  • West is the fifth township to be mailed in the 2012 reassessment of the City of Chicago.
  • The median assessed value fell to 19,116 in 2012, from 22,986 in 2009 — a median percentage change of 17.13%.
  • The median sale price for single-family homes and other non-condo residential properties fell to $190,000 in 2011, from $199,500 in 2010 – a 4.8% decline.
  • The proposed assessments of condominiums in West Township reflect a median decrease of 2.79% in assessed value.                                            

A single-family homeowner may compare his or her assessment with those of similar homes. These assessments are published in local newspapers and the name of the paper and the publication date can be found on the notice. The publication of assessments is also made available in public libraries. Residential data books are available at all Assessors’ Office locations and may be used to find comparable properties.   

Assessor Berrios’ Web site allows taxpayers to search for information using a 14-digit Property Index Number (PIN) or by typing in an address. Homeowners can check their property’s characteristics, as well as search for information on similar properties to use if they choose to appeal their assessments.

Residential taxpayers may also file an appeal online and the Assessor’s Web site allows them to search for comparables and add those comparables to their online appeals. The Assessor’s Web site is located at (  

Assessor Berrios’s residential reassessment notice includes a wealth of information for taxpayers.

In addition to the standard assessment information, the notice includes:

  • an estimated fair market value,
  • an assessment history for the property,
  • transactions from the Recorder of Deeds Office,
  • a history of tax payments, and
  • a photo of the property.

“My goal as Assessor is to ensure that properties are assessed fairly and that taxpayers are provided with all the tools necessary to determine if their assessments are accurate,” Assessor Berrios explained. “I will continue to look for ways to increase transparency and improve the assessment process.”

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