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Cook County Seeking Tech Talent as it Looks to Upgrade

Originally published in the October 30, 2012 edition of

Just like the ’80s blockbuster hit movie, Back to the Future, Cook County is looking back in time to see what it needs to progress forward. Currently, the technology serving the millions of county residents is, literally, trapped in time. And, while the rest of the world marches forward in the information age to cloud computing, and the next generation of technology, Cook County’s information management system is older than some of the people working in its offices.

Money, bureaucracy, and investments in systems that have become obsolete are at the heart of the Cook County’s technology shortfall. Earlier this month, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle unveiled her 2013 budget. With tax revenues down, and county expenses on the rise, Preckwinkle is calling for deep cuts in spending and dozens of layoffs to close a more than $267 million deficit. Amid the cuts, Preckwinkle is also trying to modernize the county’s information systems.

Last week, at the Technology Innovation Summit held at Northern Trust Headquarters in downtown Chicago, Cook County’s new chief information officer, Lydia Murray, revealed the depth of the county’s technology gap. She says that, while iPhones and other smart devices are the norm for professionals and consumers, County workers still carry outdated Blackberrys.

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  1. Pena, Joel

    Interested on more information for this Cook County Tech Talent Seeking position(s), prior to Cook County, worked for LaSalle Banks & Bank of America in the accounting department as part of the staff in successfully merging both banks financing file(s). Would love to be a part of this project and hopefully becoming a part of a great accomplishment to the Cook County.

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