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Preckwinkle Lauds Approval Of Lost And Stolen Firearms Ordinance

Preckwinkle Lauds Approval Of Lost And Stolen Firearms OrdinanceCook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle lauded the passage by the Cook County Board today of an ordinance requiring firearm owners to report the sale, loss, theft, destruction or transfer of firearms.

Individuals who sell, lose, destroy, transfer or have their firearm stolen in the County, are now required to report it to the Cook County Sheriff’s Office within 48 hours.  Firearm owners will be required to report the make, model and serial number of the firearm, along with the date and location of purchase.  Individuals who fail to comply will be subject to a $1,000 fine for the first violation. The fine will be $1,500 for each gun on the second offense and $2,000 for each subsequent violation.

Cook County’s ordinance complements legislation proposed by the city of Chicago.  The County and City are working together to increase coordination, step up enforcement and reduce the flow of guns on our streets.

“This ordinance is an important step to ensure that guns purchased legally do not wind up in the hands of criminals,” President Preckwinkle said.  “We are giving law enforcement the additional tools they need to reduce the number of guns purchased legally that are used in shootings.  This is part of a comprehensive effort to stop the violence plaguing our neighborhoods.”

“Practically speaking, the ordinance deters straw purchasers, protects rightful owners of firearms from being implicated in crimes, and prevents these deadly weapons from getting into the wrong hands,” said Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia (D-7th), who co-sponsored the ordinance.

The ordinance goes into effect in August 2013.

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  2. r mason

    I plan to purchase a gun. What will be the procedure for registering it with the sheriff? Will there be a form to fill out? Does the sheriff have the funding to process gun registration for every purchase?

  3. Bob Busch

    I have a couple of questions and a comment about this lost gun ordinance.

    1.Anyone with a homeowners insurance policy that has a gun stolen
    Must have a police report to file a clam. Is the sheriff going to assume
    this task in incorporated areas? there a provision for returning stolen guns to the rightful owner
    when they are found?

    3. The idea of the Illinois FOID card is to certify that a person is
    legally able to own a gun.To sell a gun to another Illinois resident
    I must see the card and record both my number and theirs, then
    I have to keep a written record of it, for i believe 10 years.Will this
    county ordinance replace state law?

    Finally,One would have to be out of their mind to believe anyone
    with an illegal gun will report anything.People in their right mind
    will report a gun theft to their local police ASAP.Since that report should
    immediately go into law enforcement data bases what is the point of this?

    Robert Busch
    Palos Park il.

  4. Joel L

    Wow i bet that criminals are shaking in there boots. it’s now triple or quadruple illegal to improperly transfer a firearm…

  5. Jab

    It is a pity that the ordnance was passed in the current form. It mixes common sense (albeit redundant) requirements (such as the requirement to report a lost or stolen firearms) with the pure political ones that will negatively affect and antagonize at least half of the constituents (the requirement to report a lawful transfer). In the first case, it is for the society’s benefit to know that a potentially dangerous implement is at large , in the hands of an unknown entity under unpredictable circumstances and no paper trail exists in case the weapon is used in a crime. In the second case the data is of no benefit to society ; the weapon is willingly transferred in a controlled fashion, to a known entity thus it is not ‘at large’ and a paper trail does exist under the form of the transfer papers that gun owners are required to keep for 20 years. All this requirement does is (besides helping create a national gun registry, a totalitarian idea that gun owners are bound to reject) is clog the system with unnecessary reports that will stand in the way of processing the really useful ones and encumber lawful gun owners with yet another regulation. Way to go.

  6. Jab

    Quod Preckwinkle “an important step to ensure that guns purchased legally do not wind up in the hands of criminals,”

    So because of this ordnance being effective , now, a legally purchased , then lost or stolen (presumably by a criminal) gun will not wind up in the hand of criminals anymore. Presumably either the guns or the criminals will turn into magic fairy dust now as soon as they touch each other. Impressive.

  7. Jeremy

    1. nice Sig. 😉

    2. legally transfered firearms are NONE of the County’s buisness.

    3. Who would not report a stolen firearm right away? .. Oh yeah! criminals. They will turn themselves in, of course.

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