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Statement from Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle on expansion of the Affordable Care Act

Statement from Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle on expansion of the Affordable Care Act“I applaud the Illinois General Assembly for passing Senate Bill 26, which will expand access to health care for the uninsured under President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

More than 250,000 of Cook County’s most vulnerable residents will be eligible for increased health care coverage. It will provide the foundation for better health care that focuses on prevention, rather than emergency care.

I look forward to Governor Pat Quinn signing this bill into law and, as he says, making the promise of the Affordable Care Act a reality in Illinois.”

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  1. Jackie

    AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE – How about access to any health care.

    Chicago could use another County Hospital on the far South Side of the City and the people of Roseland need a hospital.

    The County is eager to increase the tax on everything. Do something with all of that money and save Roseland.

  2. Steven Flowers

    How does the CCHHS know if the system is working for those it purports to serve? I think getting feedback from the consumers of the Cook County Health Care System would go a long way toward quality assurance goals for all stakeholders. Given my extensive experience’ as a consumer, advocate and staff within various levels of the health care system in Cook County I think those truly interested in determining how good a fit the current system is in providing service would institute a reliable system in which persons that are consumers of its purpose for existence could provide constructive feedback.
    I am very much interested in being an active participant in my health wellness and the system in which i have experienced huge potential for excellence thus challenges those who are able to contact me to follow up on my idea.
    Respectfully, Steven Flowers MSW

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