Building and Zoning

seal_color_300dpi_6in-halfThe Cook County Department of Building and Zoning provides rules and regulations governing the erection, construction, alteration, demolition, or relocation of all public buildings and structures within designated single family, multi-famiy, commercial, industrial and public zoned districts of unincorporated Cook County.  Please contact Building and Zoning if you have any additional questions not addressed on this site at:

The Department of Building and Zoning now requires digital submissions for all applications and supporting documents. We now accept an electronic copy on a flash drive or CD (PDF format).  Applicants that have digital files 10 MB or less are encouraged to email their submittals.  Click here for more details

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Zoning Compliance Application

Effective March 21, 2015, any property in Uncorporated Cook county that goes under contract is required to obtain a Zoning Certificate from this department in order to verify its current zoning classification, or any outstanding building permits and oustanding violations or judgments on said property prior to closing.  Click here for more informationClick here for Zoning Certificate Application.

Regulatory Codes

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Billboard Registration

Requirements: A sign permit issued by the Department of Building and Zoning is required for all new and existing billboards and off-premises outdoor advertising signs  A billboard also needs to be annually registered with the Department of Building and Zoning. Please contact us for more information at:

Business Occupancy

Requirements: All businesses operating in unincorporated areas of Cook County are required to establish Business Occupancy with the Department of Building and Zoning. All such requests for occupancy shall be reviewed and approved by the Department of Building and Zoning. Any certificate of occupancy which is in conflict with the provisions of the Cook County Zoning Ordinance (2001) shall be null and void.  Please download this form and e-mail us 

Cell Tower Registration

Requirements: A permit issued by the Department of Building and Zoning is required for all wireless telecommunications facilities and related accessory structures. No new or existing wireless telecommunications facility or accessory structure shall be erected, altered or relocated without first obtaining a permit.  Please contact us for more information at: 

Contractor Registration/Look Up

Environmental Permits

Permit Applications and Requirements

Multi-Dwelling Unit

Requirements: Any building that has more than four or more units including condominiums (NEWLY ADOPTED AS OF 2015) that also have four or more units in the building must register the building with Cook County Department of Building and Zoning. The building must be registered no later than June 1st for the initial year and no later than September 15th for each year thereafter.  The registration fee will be $50 for the initial registration. Every year the registration must be renewed and the price will be $25. The registration fee cannot be prorated and is nonrefundable. If there is any gap in registration for more than one year, the renewal fee will revert to $50. If there is a change in ownership for the property, the new owner must submit a new registration and $50 initial registration fee within 45 days of taking ownership. Please download form open it in Adobe Reader, fill it out, and e-mail  it to us .  Please contact us for more information at:

Ordinances and Codes

Vacant Building Ordinance

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