Building and Zoning

The Cook County Department of Building and Zoning provides reasonable rules and regulations governing the erection, construction, alteration, demolition, or relocation of all buildings and structures within designated single family, multi-family, commercial,industrial and public zoned districts of unincorporated Cook County.    Contact Building & Zoning if you have additional questions not addressed on this site using the contact information above or the departments email contact form.  Please bookmark our website at: you can easily return for permit applications, requirements or any other information you need from us.

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New Regulatory Codes

On November 19, 2014 the Cook County Board of Commissioners approved an ordinance adopting new  regulatory codes.  Click here to review and download notice.  More information:

Notice to All Applicants


The Department of Building and Zoning now requires digital submissions for all applications and supporting documents.   We now accept an electronic copy on a flash drive or CD (PDF format).  Applicants that have digital files 25MB or less are encouraged to email their submittals  Find out the details:

Download Procedures for the New Permitting Processing System

Download our Flyer

Please contact us if you have questions.

Ordinances and Codes


Click here to find out more about our ordinances and codes.

Topics Include:  Amendment to the Cook County Building Ordinance (May 29, 2013).

Exit requirements, Enclosure of Exitways, Stairs, Shafts, and Vertical Openings, Quick Response Automatic Fire Sprinklers and Means of Providing Ventilation.  Please open and review the entire Ordinance for details

The Cook County Board of Commissioners have passed an Ordinance, revising how the Cook County Department of Building and Zoning will handle fee waivers for public entities and not-for-profit organizations. Click here for details.

Online Permit Payments Now Available


Effective July 13, 2009, the Cook County Department of Building and Zoning now provides for permit customers to  be able to pay their Building, Plumbing and Electrical Permit fees online. For more information, visit the Building Permit page on this site >>