Building Permits


Building Permit Application

All work, other than ordinary repairs subject to provisions of Section 102-105.3 of the Cook County Building Code, require the submittal of a permit application.

PERMIT TIPS AND SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS – Would you like to have your building permit reviewed as quickly as possible?   Did you know you can submit your documents to us via e-mail?

Cook County Building Permit Application 2015   (NOTE: This permit requires legal-sized paper for printing.)
A permit application is required, along with all pertinent and relevant information and documents, to erect, construct, alter and/or demolish buildings and structures in unincorporated Cook County.

Environmental Permits

To obtain environmental permits, go to the Department of Environmental Control website.

Electrical Permit Application

An electrical permit application is required for the installation, alteration,or repair of electrical equipment subject to the provisions of the Cook County Electrical Code.

Plumbing Permit Application


A plumbing permit application is required for the installation, alteration, or repair of any and all plumbing fixtures and/or plumbing systems including, but not limited to, sewerage systems and water systems for buildings or premises.

Permit Applicants Please Note

In accordance with the Cook County Child Support Ordinance, a Child Support Affidavit is to be submitted by every applicant/substantial owner for a County privlige to show they are in full compliance with any child support order before they are entitled to receive or renew such privlige.

Those applying for building, plumbing and/or electrical permits for work in Cook County must submit this form along with their application.
Child Support Compliance Data Form

Building Permit Status Search

During the permit review process, you can monitor the status of the permit and any review comments as follows:

  1. Check the Click here to Building Permit Status Search
  2. Call the Building Zoning Automated Phone System at 312.603.0500
  3. You will receive written comments by mail


Online Permit Payments Now Available

The Cook County Department of Building and Zoning now provides for permit customers to be able to pay their permit fees online.

Building, Plumbing and Electrical Permit applicants can now pay their permit fees online with a MasterCard, VISA, Discover or American Express credit card through the department’s Building Permit Status Search Application (below).

  1. Go to our link: Online Payment – follow instructions as noted
  2. Call the Building Zoning Automated Phone System at 312.603.0500
  3. You will receive written comments by mail

Online payment services are provided by LexisNexis Payment Solutions.

A 2.13% convenience fee will be assessed by LexisNexis for this service.