Bureau of Economic Development


ProsperityFeature11The mission of the Cook County Bureau of Economic Development is to foster economic development, workforce development, and community development within Cook County through the strategic leveraging of resources and efficient professional management.

Bureau website and blog: www.cookcountyil.gov/economicdevelopment  Please go to our website for our notices, applications, blog, plans, information about the Council of Economic Advisors, Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP), Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC), EDAC public meeting notices, and additional information pertaining to our work.

View full plan:  Partnernering for Prosperity, An Economic Growth Action Agenda for Cook County, prepared by the Council of Economic Advisors.

Departments within our Bureau:
Planning and Development
Building and Zoning
Zoning Board of Appeals

• Business growth, attraction, and retention
• Job creation and supporting sustainable employment
• Regional collaboration focused on the integration of economic, physical, and social
• Sustainable community investment connecting housing, employment
development and transportation
• Affordable housing
• Development of a long range capital improvement program
• Coordinate property management at all County-owned and leased properties
• Enforcement of Building and Zoning regulations

Connect to Cook

Go to Connect to Cook Website  – GIS and open data access to over 5,000 variables for demographic, consumer spending, business and traffic data from the ease of your pc or laptop, geared specifically to Cook County.   The data can be analyzed in a geographic context that allows users to choose samples as granular as block groups, census tracts or ZIP Codes. Menus allow the information and datasets to be customized and displayed in a variety of ways.

Key Activities

Council of Economic Advisors
Chicago Metro Metal Consortium
Metro Chicago Exports
Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC)
Partnering for Prosperity: An Economic Growth Action Agenda for Cook County
Planning for Progress

We work closely with:
Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership
Cook County Land Bank Authority
Housing Authority of Cook County

E-mail us at: Info.Edev@cookcountyil.gov