Bureau of Technology

BOT Blue LogoThe Bureau of Technology (BOT) plans and manages enterprise technology services in conjunction with Cook County agencies. BOT enables County government services that are cost-effective and easy to use for residents and employees. BOT identifies opportunities for cross-agency collaboration that seek efficiency and a greater return on technology investments.

Mandates and Key Activities

  • Deliver and manage Countywide shared technology resources
  • Direct Countywide technology policy and the establishment of Countywide technology standards, including guidance under the County’s Open Government Ordinance (Ordinance 14-0076)
  • Review all technology procurements to discourage duplicative spending, encourage efficient returns on investment, and ensure compliance with County technology standards and policies (Ordinance 14-1232)
  • Collaborate with the Information Security Working Group to establish and report on the Information Security Framework, as well as take appropriate actions to protect the County’s network against security threats (Ordinance 14-1481)
  • Facilitate the integration of an automated Cook County Criminal Justice System and update the Board on progress toward such goal (Resolution 13-2002)