Bureau of Technology


Innovatively plan, develop, and manage enterprise software, hardware, infrastructure and technology services in conjunction with Cook County agencies. Enable County government services that combine ease-of-use for residents and employees with cost-effectiveness for our supported agencies. Identify opportunities for cross-agency collaboration that seek efficiency and a greater return on technology investments.


  • Deliver value to the public safety, judicial, property, and government support functions through competitively priced technology services that meet their performance requirements.
  • Improve the public’s visibility of government by offering information that is rich in content, accurate, transparent, and encourages community engagement.
  • Streamline collaboration among government agencies by using recognized industry technology standards and creating shared environments for systems and data.
  • Effectively design, implement and monitor approved, sustainable, and affordable technology projects.

Delivering Value

In 2014, the Bureau of Technology delivered value by (1) implementing 15 applications such as the Medical Examiner case management, highway haul permit, and revenue tax intercept systems; (2) upgrading Internet speed and reliability for the core County locations, including six courthouses; (3) increasing information available to residents in the open data portal; (4) improving the County’s data security through a new countywide security ordinance and security consulting contract, as well as strengthened virus protection, intrusion monitoring, and security load balancing; (5) improving business continuity by completing a data center assessment and corresponding site plans for revitalized enterprise data rooms with geo-redundancy; and (6) implementing a new service management system.

In FY2015, the Bureau of Technology strategic focus will be:

Business Technology

Establish BOT as an enterprise-wide partner in project execution and software solution delivery by maturing the framework and processes of the Project Management Office (PMO), aligning the IT application portfolio with budgetary priorities, establishing technology policies, managing vendors, and expanding application development capabilities. Providing these expanded services and decision support functions will drive quality results for partner agencies.

Fiscal Responsibility

Manage BOT in a corporate manner with improved portfolio and operations management that includes cost controls commensurate with business value. BOT and its agency partners will achieve this through concurrent efforts of infrastructure modernization and additional shared services, including: (1) further expansion of broadband connectivity; (2) data center partnerships; (3) accelerated migration from physical to virtual servers; and (4) institutionalizing our hybrid infrastructure and cloud environments.

Business Continuity

Enable high-availability, same day recovery by developing a two-year roadmap that includes transitioning from mission-critical recovery testing to a phased implementation of application failover at a designated recovery center.


Enhance the County’s web presence, expand the use of social media, strengthen social media policies, and increase the value of internal governmental data by making it open and accessible to residents and other agencies through robust applications and the open data portal.

Human Capital

Continue to invest in our people through meaningful professional development programs and training on emerging technology.