Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems


We exist to provide maintenance of and access to Cook County’s enterprise geographic information system (GIS), including related hardware, software, applications, program development and training. The department provides shared geographic-based information via a network that facilitates secure access where required.

GIS is used by Cook County agencies that need to track, display or correlate information to a geographic locale. GIS data is also made available through data sharing agreements to municipalities that maintain their own independent GIS environments.
GIS services primarily focus on the creation and maintenance of the land base, or data specific to documenting features on the earth. This includes cadastral, or property information, which, along with aerial imagery, forms the base of most maps and analyses. The County GIS Department delivers a high-quality, current geographic computing platform that supports the County’s many location-based operations and services.

Visit their site to view online mapping applications, maps and services at http://cookcountyilgov/gis .

Goals and objectives

Expand the use of GIS to support County agency business needs through continuous application optimization and training.
Improve the utility of GIS data for the public and business users through enhanced data access policy and services.
Pursue projects that deliver high value to County agencies and local and regional partners.

Summary of operations

In compliance with an ordinance passed June 4, 2002, by the Cook County Board of Commissioners, a Geographic Information System (GIS) fund was created to be used for the equipment, personnel, materials, and necessary expenses incurred in implementing and maintaining an enterprise Cook County geographic information system. The special fund is administered by the Cook County Bureau of Technology. Policies and priorities are determined by a multi-agency Geographic Information Systems Steering Committee consisting of representatives from all the land-based agencies within Cook County.

Recent accomplishments

  • Created a state-of-the-art GIS hardware and software infrastructure that extends the utility of and connectivity to the enterprise GIS environment.
  • Completed second LIDAR mission and the development of highly accurate terrain data.
  • Completed the compilation and mapping of bathymetric data for the Forest Preserve District of Cook County.
  • Completed phase I of oblique aerial imagery.
  • Completed orthoimagery mission for northeastern Illinois counties.
  • Released new version of an external web-based GIS application for public access to Cook County GIS data ( ).

New initiatives

  • Parcel History Viewer
  • FEMA Flood Mapping Support
  • National Wetlands Inventory Enhancement
  • Highway Department Permit Tracker
  • Phase I planning for a public Land Information Center
  • Enhanced Public Health tracking program
  • Emergency Management toolkit
  • Tax Delinquency Application