Contracting Opportunities

Cook County

The Office of the Chief Procurement Officer provides an online listing of all current bid proposals, request for proposal (RFPs), awarded bids, forms and other information about Cook County procurement opportunities.

Please review the current contracting opportunities with Cook County Office of the Chief Procurement Officer:

Cook County Contracts

Cook County Open Market Purchases

Cook County Request for Proposals

Please review the current contracting opportunities with Cook County Health & Hospitals:

Cook County Health & Hospital Systems

Novation GPO Contract Opportunities

 Goals for MBE/WBE Participation

Cook County may assign contract specific goals which are based upon relevant factors including but not limited to the availability of MBE/WBE/VBEs in the scope of work of the project.

Service and Supply Construction Professional Service
25 % MBE10%  WBE 24% MBE10% WBE



35% Overall

Personal Net Worth Statement/Size Standard Affidavit

The Personal Net Worth/Size Standard Affidavit is required from MBE/WBE companies certified by the City of Chicago for the assurance that the certified MBE/WBE firms participating in Cook County contracts for credit are within the parameters of the Cook County Procurement Ordinance.


Only a Letter of Certification from one of the following entities shall be accepted as certification of MBE/WBE/VBE status:

  • County of Cook
  • City of Chicago If you are currently certified with the City of Chicago in a non-construction area i.e., goods and/or services or professional services, the County Code requires that you do not exceed 1) the S.B.A. Size Standards and, 2) Personal Net Worth standards of approximately $2MM.  If you are a non-construction firm and wish to participate as an MBE/WBE in an upcoming County contract, you must submit an affidavit regarding your SBA Size and Personal Net Worth at the time of the bid. You can download the affidavit from
  • Illinois United Certification Program, only as associated with federally funded Cook County contracts.

Or any other governmental body or agency approved by the Contract Compliance Director as applying certification standards substantially similiar to those applied by the County of Cook may also be accepted.


Local Opportunities

The following government agencies recognize Cook County’s MBE/WBE/VBE Certification; please review their web sites for current contracting opportunities:

Chicago Housing Authority

Chicago Park District

Chicago Public Schools

City Colleges of Chicago

City of Chicago

Housing Authority of the County of Cook

Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

Public Building Commission of Chicago