Cook County Hospital Central Campus Redevelopment

Cook County Hospital Central Campus Redevelopment

Aerial View

Aerial View

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President Preckwinkle to Advance Transformational Redevelopment of Old Cook County Hospital and Excess Real Estate View Release

Cook County Board to Consider Approval of Construction Budget for New Central Campus Health Center – View Release




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Aerial view of the Campus. Click on image for a larger view

Current view of the Campus. Click on image for a larger view.

Overview:  Cook County Hospital (now Stroger Hospital) has long been recognized, and remains today, one of the world’s great teaching hospitals attracting physicians from around the country and serving the health care needs of the city and the region. The introduction of County Care has afforded the Stroger Campus the opportunity to be fiscally sound and look to the future as a national leader in health care specialties. On March 12, 2014, the Cook County Board of Commissioners approved the engagement of a strategic professional team to address the hospital’s future needs and to leverage the inherent real estate value from the available land. The strategic development manager team will articulate the vision of the County Board President, the County Commissioners and the CCHHS leadership and provide the development parameters to help solve for CCHHS’ 1) core medical needs at Stroger Campus and 2) identify potentials for redevelopment of available real estate to both enhance the overall site, and provide revenue sources through mixed use development. .

More Information: Bookmark our website for information as this project moves forward. Over time, we plan to expand our site and post historic information, updated fact sheets and other related information and images. For more information, please contact Jessica Caffrey, Director, Real Estate Management, Bureau of Asset Management at:, or at the project e-mail address: