General Forms

The following general forms are often required or requested by those working with the Department of Revenue.

Registration Application

Application for becoming a Registered Dealer with Cook County.

Please contact the Department of Revenue for information on becoming a Registered Dealer.

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney (“cc_rev_PowerofAttorney.pdf” – 110 KB)

Provides attorneys authorization to represent taxpayer(s) before the Department of Revenue for tax matters.

Protest and Petition for Hearing

Protest and Petition for hearing form

(Protest Form. pdf – 83 KB) 

Credit Refund Application

Credit Refund Application (“cc_rev_Credit-Refund-App.pdf” – 72 KB)

Bulk Sales

Bulk Sales Notice

To be filed by any person or business that is a seller, transferor, purchaser or transferee of:

  • a business or activity that requires him/her to pay or remit Cook County Tax
  • a major part of the assets of the business activity
  • a major part of any one or more of the following assets sold, transferred or purchased in other than the ordinary and usual course of business: the stock of goods or inventory | furniture or fixtures | real property

The completed notice must be filed with the Department at least 45 days prior to the date of sale, transfer or purchase.