General Forms

The following general forms are often required or requested by those working with the Department of Revenue.

Home Rule Tax Registration Application

Power of Attorney

Power of Attoney and Declaration of Representative form

Provides attorneys authorization to represent taxpayer(s) before the Department of Revenue for tax matters.

Protest and Petition for Hearing

Protest and Petition for hearing form

Credit Refund Application

credit-refund-application form

Bulk Sales

Bulk-Sales-or-Transfer-Notice Form

To be filed by any person or business that is a seller, transferor, purchaser or transferee of:

  • a business or activity that requires him/her to pay or remit Cook County Tax
  • a major part of the assets of the business activity
  • a major part of any one or more of the following assets sold, transferred or purchased in other than the ordinary and usual course of business: the stock of goods or inventory | furniture or fixtures | real property

The completed notice must be filed with the Department at least 45 days prior to the date of sale, transfer or purchase.