Liquor Tax


Cook County Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance (Chapter 74, Article IX) (at
An ordinance providing for the imposition of a tax on the retail sale in Cook County of all alcoholic beverages.


Liquor Tax Return Form

Every registered Wholesale Alcoholic Beverage Dealer must file a return, even when purchasing tax-paid or when inactive.

Schedule A – Liquor

Sales and Distribution to Wholesale Alcoholic Beverage Dealers Registered with the Cook County Department of Revenue.

Schedule B – Liquor

Summary Schedule of Alcoholic Beverages Sold and Delivered Outside Cook County.

Below is the List of Wholesale Alcoholic Beverage Delaers Registered with the Cook County Department of Revenue

Disclaimer: This list was last updated on 4/24/15. If up-to-the-minute accuracy is needed, contact us at 312-603-6328.