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The following are other services and information from the Department of Revenue:

Employee Health Insurance Statements

The Department of Revenue issues statements to employees for the payment of health insurance deductions when it was not able to be deducted from a regular paycheck or if no paycheck was issued. The following are some frequently asked questions regarding this process:

Why am I receiving a statement when health insurance payments are deducted automatically out of my paycheck?
 Our records indicate that you did not receive a paycheck or did not have a health insurance deduction for the pay period(s) reflected on this statement. While you are on an approved leave of absence, suspended or in a no pay status, you are still liable for your contribution and must remit payment to prevent cancellation of your County-sponsored health benefits. Once you return to work, your payroll deductions will resume via the standard payroll process.
Why am I receiving a statement 2 or more months later?
 It is important to note that statements for health insurance contributions are generated on a monthly basis while employees are paid on a bi-weekly basis. Statements are generated for two to three pay periods in the arrears and are consolidated for streamlined and efficient processing to include Corporate, Health and Hospital System and Forest Preserve District payroll groups.
Why am I receiving a statement and I have returned to work?
Statements are generated on a monthly basis. Due to the timing of the statement processing, it is possible that you may receive statements for past due amounts upon your return to work.



ARTICLE IX. RAFFLE LICENSES (ordinance at muinicode.com)
No person, firm or corporation, shall conduct continuous raffle games in a permanent location or facility in unincorporated Cook County without first having obtained a license pursuant to this Ordinance.


Application to Conduct Raffles in Unincorporated Cook County (“cc_rev_RaffleApplication.pdf” – 91 KB)

Raffle Fidelity Bond (“cc_rev_RaffleFidelityBond.pdf – 62 KB)