Department of Transportation and Highways

The Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways was established in 1913 by the State of Illinois upon approval of the first officially recorded County highway system maps. The present day system has evolved to include jurisdictional authority over 568 center line miles of highways. The Department has maintenance responsibilities for 1,426 lane miles of pavement, 132 bridges, 360 traffic signals and 7 pumping stations from four maintenance facilities. 


Problem Reporting

The 24 hour a day number to call to report problems is (708) 448-8006.

Construction Zones

Problems within construction zones on County roadway projects can be handled by calling (312) 603-1620 or fax (312) 603-9955.

Future Improvements/ Traffic Problems

Inquiries about future highway improvement projects or traffic problems can be answered by calling (312) 603-1660, or fax (312) 603-9735.


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Long Range Transportation Plan

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle and the Cook County Board are committed to strengthening transportation in the region.  Our goal is to develop a plan that looks at transportation from a variety of perspectives—private automobiles, highways, bridges, public transportation, pedestrian access, bikeways, freight rail and trucking corridors, commerce—and is based on the premise that we must use our transportation resources to support the growth and economic vitality of communities in Cook County.

Connecting Cook County, the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) for 2040, will include:

  • A vision statement that identifies the desired outcomes of the County’s transportation investments;
  • An analysis that pinpoints the strengths and weaknesses of the County’s transportation system relative to expected growth;
  • A scenario that best achieves our goals;
  • A policy framework to guide the ranking and selection of transportation projects;
  • A list of priority capital projects and network improvements;
  • A financial analysis that outlines how improvements will be funded; and
  • An action plan that spells out the responsibilities of regional transportation agencies.

The plan will serve as a road map for the design and implementation of a fully integrated multi-jurisdictional transportation system that serves individuals and businesses and improves the County’s competitiveness.

Your contributions to the planning process are crucial.  They will enhance the evaluation and identify ways to strengthen connections between different forms of transportation, eliminate system gaps, enhance safety and leverage investments.  Visit for more information.


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2015-2019 Transportation Plan

This document identifies planned construction improvements and maintenance contracts by the Department of Transportation and Highways.  The project list identifies individual improvement location, route, limits, scope of work, estimated costs, funding source(s), and fiscal year that plan preparation, right-of-way acquisition and funding is expected to be completed or available. A complete project list is included at the end of the document.

2015-2019 Transportation Plan (click here)

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DUI Memorial Program

This program is offered as a public service to provide families with the opportunity to raise awareness of the consequences of driving under the influence, and to safely commemorate the loss of a loved one(s).

 Click here to access DUI Memorial Program


The Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways Construction Schedule

An interactive map of current construction activity on the County’s highways.  Hovering on a project provides detailed information for commuters to plan their trip.  Additionally, the official project flyer can be displayed.

Click here to access Cook County Highway Projects Map

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Permits Online Payment

The Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways now provides a new system  for customers to pay for Construction/Maintenance and Haul Permits online.

Click here to make an online payment