Compliance and Inspection

Compliance Investigation/Violation Notification

Violations found during inspections or through compliant investigations are managed in several ways:Violations found during inspections or through compliant investigations may result in:

  1.  A citation (ticket) issued by the Department, in which the violator must appear at the Cook County Department of Administrative Hearings, with the prosecution being performed by the Cook County States Attorney’s Office
  2.  Cease and Desist order issued by the Department Director
  3. Referral of violations of state or federal regulations performed under interagency inspection programs to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) or U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)

These cases typically are related to asbestos removal, anti-tampering and CFC releases or sites specifically referred to our Department by these agencies.

Inspection Services

Cook County Department of Environmental Control provides annual compliance inspections of stationary sources of air pollution. The Department conducts approximately 1,600 industrial and 10,000 commercial (area sources) site inspections. The industrial inspections range from small single source sites to large multi-process major source facilities. Commercial site inspections include dry cleaners, incinerators, storage tanks with stage-stage-II and I controls at gasoline dispensing facilities and fuel combustion units. Inspectors within the department also respond to citizen complaints.