Installation Permits

Per Section 30-151, Installation Permit applications must be submitted for the installation of air pollution sources such as combustion (heating) equipment, process (manufacturing) equipment, air pollution control equipment, storage tanks and land remediation processes. The Department will accept construction permit applications that have been submitted to the Illinois EPA.
• For additional information on Installation Permit requirement application requirements and fees, refer to Sections 30-151 to 30-164 and Section 32-1 of the Municipal Code, or contact our office at (312) 603-8200.

  • For fees please call the office at (312) 603-8200.
  • Additional information on permits required by IEPA or USEPA can be found at:

USEPA-Air Permits (

IEPA-Air Permits (

Asbestos Regulation, Demolition and Renovation Permits

A permit is required by the County of Cook to regulate asbestos removal and disposal, renovation or demolition for compliance with asbestos/hazardous material regulations. Contractors/owners are required to obtain a permit from the Department prior to asbestos removal or demolition. For more information on filing procedures and fees click here.
**** Please be advised, as of November 21, 2012, several changes to the asbestos and demolition sections of the Cook County Environmental Ordinance went into effect. Read more about those changes here.



Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Abatement or Demolition/Renovation Permit Application (PDF – Illinois Department of Public Health)

  • Asbestos Removal Filing Fee:            $200
  • Asbestos Removal Inspection Fee:    $2/linear ft. OR  $6/square ft. (not to exceed $2,000 per project)


A permit is required by the County of Cook when deconstructing, destroying, razing, tearing down, wrecking or altering or renovating any structure. Alteration or renovations include the removal of any load-supporting structural member of a facility, the removal of an exterior wall or the removal or partial removal of the roof of a structure.

Please be advised, as of November 21, 2012, 70% of demolition debris from commercial and residential structures (garages and sheds are exempt from this requirement) must be recycled, with 5% of the residential structures being reused, during the demolition process.

Residential Demolition Application

  •  Residential Demolition fee (total for filing and inspection fees): $300

Commercial Demolition Application

  •  Commercial Demolition fee (total for filing and inspection fees): $750

Application Revisions

Permits may be revised up to six (6) times before a new permit is required.

Revision Form

  • Revision Fee: $55


Asbestos Resources

 Please note that as of January 14, 2012 Asbestos Removal Contractors must be Registered with the Cook County Department of Environmental Control to receive a valid permit.  Registration Application

 Demolition Resources

Open Burning Permits

Cook County government requires open burning permits to protect life, property and prevent forest fires and false fire alarms. The regulations stipulate the conditions under which open burning may occur. Open burning permits also give authorities prior notice to any burn.
Open burning permits are required, but not limited to the following burning situations:

  • Prairie Burn
  • Pan Fire Training
  • Sectional Building Fires (for training purposes)
  • Landscape Waste
  • Air Curtain Incinerator for Landscape Waste

Note: The above list does not cover all burning situations in which an open burning permit is required. For the complete list of the criteria for legal and illegal open burning, please refer to the Cook County Ordinance presented on this website, or call this office.