Board of Ethics

The Cook County Board of Ethics is responsible for enforcing the Cook County Ethics Ordinance. The Ethics Ordinance requires all Cook County officials and employees to abide by a Code of Conduct which sets forth general directives to ensure fair and honest government in Cook County. The Code of Conduct applies to officials, employees, person doing or seeking to do business with the County, persons regulated by the County, persons seeking official action by the County and lobbyists. It covers the following areas:

  • gifts and proper disclosure of gifts
  • conflicts of interest
  • improper influence
  • dual employment
  • confidential information
  • county-owned property
  • campaign contributions
  • nepotism
  • post-employment restrictions
  • political activity

The Board enforces the Code of Conduct by investigating complaints of Ordinance violations, issuing advisory opinions based on real or hypothetical situations, auditing gift, lobbyist expenditure and campaign finance disclosure forms, and conducting employee training sessions.

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