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Cook County Ethics Ordinace

ARTICLE VII. – ETHICS Code of Ordinances Cook County, IL Municode Library

Chapter 2, Article VII – Ethics – An ordinance requiring all Cook County officials and employees to abide by a Code of Conduct, which sets forth general directives to ensure fair and honest government in Cook County. Source: Cook County Code of Ordinances Last amended May 18, 2004

Rules and Regulations

Board of Ethics Rules and Regulations in connection with the Board of Ethics’ enforcement of the Ethics Ordinance. Last Amended December 11, 2015.


The Board of Ethics conducts regular training programs for County officials and employees covered by the Ordinance.

2015 Employee Annual Training Schedule

To request on-site training, please contact the Board at 312-603-4304.

Ethics Guides

The Board has developed the following guides addressing topics covered by the Ethics Ordinance

Gift Disclosure by Officials and Employees

All Cook County officials and employees must disclose to the Board of Ethics the receipt of certain gifts from prohibited sources within ten (10) business days of receiving the gift.

Political Activity

Campaign Finance Activity

Section 2-585 of the Ethics Ordinance provides additional campaign contribution limitations for County vendors and lobbyists.

Lobbyist Familial Relationship Disclosure

Section 2-582 of the Cook County Ethics Ordinance requires all persons registered as a lobbyist with Cook County, upon filing with the Cook County Clerk, to disclose to the Cook County Board of Ethics the existence of familial relationships they may have with all persons holding elective office in the State of Illinois, the County of Cook, or in any municipality within the County of Cook.