Unclaimed Persons

This page contains our most up to date list of Unclaimed Persons found in Cook County as of August 20, 2015.

If you feel you are the next of kin to any of the individuals listed, Please contact Rebeca Perrone, Indigent Coordinator, at 312-997-4403. During regular business hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Case Name Age/Sex/Race Date of Arrival
ST2015-0258 WANDA RADZIWILL 65/F/W 8/19/15
ST2015-00257 KATIE OSTERGAARD 78/F/W 8/19/15
ST2015-00255 VICIE JACKSON 96/F/B 8/19/15
ST2015-00256 MARK BARREIRO 52/M/W 8/18/15
ST2015-00254 KENNETH HANNUM 77/M/W 8/17/15
ST2015-00252 DONALD BABB 89/M/U 8/17/15
ME2015-03525 CARMEN ABAD 85/F/W 8/17/15
ME2015-03524 WILLIAM LEJAN 77/M/W 8/17/15
ME2015-03516 RON JASINSKI 50/M/W 8/17/15
ME2015-03514 CONNIE RUSS 60/F/W 8/17/15
ME2015-03492 GEORGE SHUMAK 85/M/W 8/15/15
ME2015-03479 JOHN L KLODNICKI 59/M/W 8/15/15
ST2015-00250 GEORGE STRICKLAND 74/M/B 8/14/15
ST2015-00208 JAMES OUTTEN 38/M/B 8/13/15
ME2015-03460 GREGORY C MORRIS 43/M/B 8/13/15
ME2015-03455 THOMAS CANAVAN 49/M/W 8/13/15
ST2015-00240 ARTHUR EDWARDS 52/M/U 8/11/15
ME2015-03417 MITCHELL L THOMPSON 64/M/W 8/10/15
ME2015-03407 PEDRO SILVA 64/M/W 8/10/15
ME2015-03397 SAMMY BARBARY 70/M/B 8/9/15
ME2015-03395 DARRIEN PELKEY 46/M/W 8/9/15
ME2015-03389 LOUIS PICCIUTO 61/M/W 8/8/15
ST2015-00247 JOHN SMITH 90/M/B 8/5/15
ST2015-00246 SYLVIA MORTON 77/M/W 8/5/15
ST2015-00243 ROSA ARUSTEGUI 81/F/U 8/5/15
ST2015-00242 MARK GILLESPIE 61/M/W 8/5/15
ME2015-03338 GLORIA SALAS 80/F/W 8/5/15
ME2015-03307 GARY DOUGLAS 47/M/W 8/3/15
ST2015-00241 ALFRED BURNS 72/M/B 8/2/15
ME2015-03288 ELLIS R JONES 83/M/W 8/2/15
ST2015-00236 BONITA GERA 73/M/W 7/29/15
ST2015-00235 FREDDIE DAWSON 70/M/B 7/29/15
ST2015-00234 EDWARD CANTER 57/M/B 7/29/15
ST2015-00233 KENNETH SULLIVAN 80/M/W 7/29/15
ST2015-00225 DEIRDRA YOUNG 47/F/B 7/29/15
ME2015-03226 AZARA ISMAIL 69/M/W 7/28/15
ST2015-00232 DAVID UOBEL 57/M/W 7/28/15
ME2015-03217 EDSON MEDEIROS 66/M/W 7/28/15
ST2015-00228 ROBERT HURLEY 62/M/B 7/27/15
ST2015-00226 CHARLES HARRIS 72/M/B 7/25/15
ME2015-03163 MARCOS RODRIGUEZ 56/M/O 7/25/15
ME2015-03129 ROBERT DUTKO 62/M/W 7/24/15
ME2015-03123 PAUL MORRIS 30/M/W 7/22/14
ST2015-00220 RENE MONTIEL 59/M/O 7/21/15
ST2015-00216 JUAN PUGA 52/M/O 7/21/15
ST2015-00215 ISAAC LOLUKA 32/M/O 7/21/15
ME2015-03106 PAUL HILL 74/M/W 7/21/15
ST2015-00214 LAWRENCE OPACKI 61/M/W 7/20/15
ST2015-00219 LEONARD DEPEW 69/M/W 7/19/15
ST2015-00217 ARLENE FAIRBANKS 80/F/W 7/18/15
ME2015-03050 HAN PING CHEN 65/M/A 7/18/15
ST2015-00213 THOMAS G FLORES 55/M/O 7/16/15
ST2015-00212 MARTIN WODARSKI 66/M/W 7/16/15
ST2015-00211 LAWRENCE LAYTON 73/M/W 7/16/15
ST2015-00210 JOSEPH OLIVER 72/M/B 7/16/15
ME2015-02998 VENANCIO SANCHEZ 72/M/W 7/16/15
ST2015-00209 NICOLE LESNER 38/F/W 7/15/15
ST2015-00207 SHIRLEE WITHERSPOON 71/F/B 7/15/15
ST2015-00206 JOSE VASQUEZ 71/M/W 7/15/15
ME2015-02989 MICHAEL KUJANSUU 61/M/W 7/15/15
ST2015-00205 MARY MECH 85/M/W 7/14/15
ME2015-02923 LINDA OLIVERS 56/F/W 7/11/15
ST2015-00198 ANDERSON M WILLIAMS 56/M/B 7/9/15
ST2015-00200 RANDY KEISTER 67/M/W 7/8/15
ST2015-00199 RONALD WASHINGTON 68/M/B 7/7/15
ST2015-00197 RICHARD KOREK 75/M/W 7/7/15
ST2015-00196 KENNETH JANDA 64/M/U 7/7/15
ME2015-02866 SANFORD STAHL 74/M/W 7/7/15
ME2015-02850 IVAN VARGUN 55/M/W 7/7/15
ST2015-00195 ROBERT CANDIOTTI 63/M/W 7/6/15
ME2015-02833 JOHN D MOON 67/M/W 7/6/15
ST2015-00192 GEORGE WEATHERALL 77/M/U 7/3/15
ST2015-00190 JANET MYERS 73/F/U 7/3/15
ME2015-02792 EDUARDO OCHOA 81/M/W(H) 7/3/15
ST2015-00189 VIOLA WALKER 70/F/W 7/1/15
ST2015-00188 MARGIE ANN BJORKMAN 72/M/W 7/1/15
ST2015-00187 MIGUEL GARCIA 71/M/W 7/1/15
ST2015-00185 MARGE BOHN 62/F/W 6/29/15
ME2015-02670 LEONARD L GOZDIEWICZ 59/M/W 6/26/15
ME2015-02624 WILLIAM C SINKS 83/M/W 6/23/15
ST2015-00179 CARL MCCOMMON 83/M/B 6/19/15
ST2015-00173 JETT CLARDY 65/M/B 6/18/15
ME2015-02417 DALE ANDERSON 58/M/W 6/12/15
ST2015-00154 RICHARD SHEEHY 80/M/U 5/30/15
ME2015-02094 ANTHONY HARDY 59/M/B 5/23/15


Statement of Public Notice: Unclaimed indigents will be cremated or buried at County expense within 90 days of admission to our facility as dictated by the Cook County Medical Examiner Ordinance