Unclaimed Persons

This page contains our most up to date list of Unclaimed Persons found in Cook County as of April 29, 2016.

If you feel you are the next of kin to any of the individuals listed, Please contact Rebeca Perrone, Indigent Coordinator, at 312-997-4403. During regular business hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Case Name Age/Sex/Race Date of Arrival
ST2016-00163 LILLIAN WEBB 78/F/W 4/19/16
ST2016-00155 JOHN TATOSIAN 63/M/W 4/19/16
ST2016-00161 MANOUSHAK MINASTIKAN 80/M/W 4/18/16
ST2016-00136 EDYTHE TAYLOR 91/F/B 4/18/16
ME2016-01876 CHRISTOPHER BOYD 55/M/B 4/17/16
ST2016-00158 MARTHA HARRELL 57/F/W 4/16/16
ME2016-01845 TROY M EDENS 34/M/W 4/16/16
ST2016-00156 JOHN GRADISAR 70/M/W 4/15/16
ME2016-01840 RICKY E SCOTT 62/M/B 4/15/16
ME2016-01837 PETER BALLINGER 42/M/W 4/15/16
ME2016-01835 VAN MARRITT 68/M/W 4/15/16
ST2016-00153 RAYMOND HOLLAND 50/M/W 4/14/16
ST2016-00151 NELSON RIVERA FRANQ 48/M/B 4/13/16
ME2016-01803 WAYNE SEARS 63/M/W 4/13/16
ME2016-01797 ANTHONY P GENOVESE 56/M/W 4/13/16
ST2016-00145 DAVID WALKER 64/M/W 4/12/16
ST2016-00144 JAMES M WILLIAMS 73/M/B 4/12/16
ST2016-00142 ALBERT FARRIS 95/M/W 4/11/16
ME2016-001765 KENNETH BLOCH 67/M/W 4/11/16
ST2016-00140 JUDY GOLIAT 73/F/W 4/7/16
ST2016-00138 RANDALL R MCMURRY 59/M/W 4/6/16
ST2016-00137 MARK LIFSHITS 64/M/W 4/6/16
ME2016-01694 SYLVIA GRIVANS 59/F/W 4/6/16
ME2016-01692 NORBERT SANCHEZ 66/M/W 4/6/16
ST2016-00135 JUANITA DANIELS 74/F/W 4/5/16
ST2016-00129 JAMES M HARTER 55/M/W 4/4/16
ME2016-01654 WILL CRAWFORD 61/M/B 4/4/16
ME2016-01638 LOUPE PHILLIPS 56/M/B 4/3/16
ST2016-00134 JEANNIE DOWNS 88/F/W 4/1/16
ST2016-00133 ROGER SCHROEDER 77/M/B 4/1/16
ST2016-00131 JOSEPH WILSON 77/M/B 4/1/16
ST2016-00130 MARGARITO ALVAREZ 78/M/B 4/1/16
ME2016-01591 WILLLIAM GIROT 85/M/W 3/31/16
ST2016-00128 TYRONE NOWLIN 63/M/U 3/30/16
ST2016-00127 LORRAINE FOSTER 77/F/B 3/28/16
ME2016-01515 MICHAEL AMES 64/M/W 3/26/16
ST2016-00124 BARBARA THOMAS 65/F/B 3/26/16
ME2016-01502 TONI PHILLIPS 73/F/B 3/25/16
ST2016-0117 LEWIS ROBERTSON 63/M/B 3/25/16
ST2016-00121 JUAN HERNANDEZ 85/M/U 3/25/16
ME2016-01497 JOHN MARTIN 54/M/W 3/25/16
ST2016-00116 FERDIE GRIFFIN 57/M/B 3/25/16
ST2016-00115 SHIRLEY ROBSON 81/F/B 3/24/16
ST2016-00120 CHARLES RANDLE 76/M/B 3/24/16
ST2016-00114 JORGE RODRIGUEZ 68/M/U 3/22/16
ST2016-00113 EVERETT ENOCH 59/M/W 3/20/16
ME2016-01376 JOHNNY EVANS 60/M/B 3/19/16
ME2016-01370 STANISHAW GIERMEK 54/M/W 3/18/16
ST2016-00108 DARNELL ALLEN 53/M/B 3/17/16
ST2016-00107 CAMILLUS J RUSNAK 89/M/W 3/16/16
ME2016-01326 RONALD COLEMAN 42/M/B 3/15/16
ME2016-01315 JOSE SPEEDON 35/M/W 3/15/16
ME2016-01249 JAMES GOECKS 68/M/W 3/15/16
ST2016-00101 LEOMA BALLENTINE 93/F/B 3/11/16
ME2016-01220 TANYA PATTON 52/F/B 3/10/16
ME2016-01222 JOSE M AMPARAN ROCHA 42/M/W 3/10/16
ME2016-00097 MARIE BABINO 72/F/W 3/10/16
ME2016-01191 JOHN EDWARDS 51-60/M/W 3/8/16
ME2016-01132 MICHAEL FRANK PROCHNOW 70/M/W 3/4/16
ME2016-01124 ELIZABETH A FOGERTY 66/F/B 3/4/16
ST2016-00086 SANDRA CLUCHEY 55/F/U 3/4/16
ST2016-00089 KERRY NELSON 66/M/W 3/2/16
ST2016-00077 ASHFAQ AHMED MOHAMED 65/M/O 3/1/16
ME2016-01021 RYAN SLAPPY 73/M/B 2/27/16
ME2016-01009 JACOB BRILLS 25/M/W 2/27/16
ST2016-00083 JOSEPH STACHON 69/M/W 2/26/16
ST2016-00071 ALMA JEANNE GREEN 88/F/B 2/19/16
ST2016-00070 ROBERT SHARP 61/M/W 2/18/16
ME2016-00747 JOHN RODRIGUEZ 41-50/M/W 2/12/16
ME2016-00744 MARGARET PARKER 80/F/W 2/11/16
ME2016-00075 REGINALD WALKER 49/M/B 1/5/16


Statement of Public Notice: Unclaimed indigents will be cremated or buried at County expense within 90 days of admission to our facility as dictated by the Cook County Medical Examiner Ordinance