Unclaimed Persons

This page contains our most up to date list of Unclaimed Persons found in Cook County as of November 13, 2015.

If you feel you are the next of kin to any of the individuals listed, Please contact Rebeca Perrone, Indigent Coordinator, at 312-997-4403. During regular business hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Case Name Age/Sex/Race Date of Arrival
ME2015-04851 NOEL GRENING 79/M/W 11/9/15
ME2015-04849 DOROTHY KOZUCH 71/F/W 11/9/15
ME2015-04815 MONICA A WILLIAMS 54/F/W 11/7/15
ST2015-00379 KENNETH SUWINSKI 63/M/W 11/6/15
ST2015-00378 CHARLES CHASE 80/F/W 11/6/15
ST2015-00377 LEROY COBURN 62/M/B 11/6/15
ST2015-00373 THOMAS CAVANAUGH 74/M/W 11/6/15
ME2015-04809 JOHN STEUBER 80/M/W 11/6/15
ME2015-04801 BOBBY MCCLINIC 47/M/B 11/5/15
ME2015-04796 LYNN O’ROURKE 72/F/W 11/5/15
ME2015-04793 CARLA FRAZIER 54/F/B 11/5/15
ME2015-04788 CURTIS CHAMBERS 71/M/B 11/5/15
ME2015-04779 JANUSZ KULIK 68/M/W 11/5/15
ST2015-00376 GLORIA EDWARDS 86/F/W 11/4/15
ME2015-04781 GUY F COOKE 73/M/W 11/4/15
ST2015-00338 HORTENSE MONTALVO 83/F/W 11/3/15
ME2015-04766 CORLIES MAYNARD 83/F/W 11/3/15
ME2015-04756 DOUGLAS SIMON 46/M/W 11/3/15
ST2015-00374 DONALD H MARROW 64/M/W 11/2/15
ME2015-04733 RAYMOND SMITH 66/M/B 11/1/15
ME2015-04732 ELAINE COSICH 81/F/W 11/1/15
ME2015-04727 CHRISTOPHER STEWART 40/M/B 10/31/15
ME2015-04714 ROBERT P KUC 41/M/W 10/31/15
ST2015-00372 ALLEN STIRN 79/M/W 10/30/15
ST2015-00371 JUNE J TOMOSHAITIS 80/F/W 10/30/15
ST2015-00370 DARRELL HARRIS 50/M/B 10/30/15
ST2015-00369 JEAN JOSEPH 61/M/B 10/29/15
ST2015-00357 RUDOLPH MECH 52/M/B 10/29/15
ME2015-04679 DAVID ADAMS 52/M/B 10/29/15
ME2015-04637 SAMMIE MEANS 64/F/W 10/29/15
ST2015-00366 SUSAN H CLUTTS 66/F/W 10/28/15
ST2015-00365 TERRY JONES BROCK 74/M/W 10/28/15
ST2015-00364 OCTAVIO GURROLA 77/M/W 10/28/15
ST2015-00363 JOSEPH SCHMITT 60/M/W 10/28/15
ME2015-04661 EDWARD FIGARSKI 62/M/W 10/28/15
ST2015-00362 MICHAEL WELCH 62/M/B 10/27/15
ME2015-04659 SAMUEL LAROSA 66/M/W 10/27/15
ME2015-04652 STEPHEN WILLIAM SCHERZER 60/M/W 10/27/15
ME2015-04644 LEIGH STYAN 66/M/W 10/27/15
ME2015-04619 MARY EWART 59/F/W 10/25/15
ME2015-04605 JAN KOZLOWSKI 51-60/M/W 10/25/15
ST2015-00359 BELLE MCCRAY 94/F/B 10/24/15
ST2015-00360 SAMUEL HARLIN 84/M/B 10/23/15
ST2015-00358 DONALD COTTON 57/M/B 10/23/15
ST2015-00354 ROSEMARY ZAPPIA 72/F/W 10/23/15
ST2015-00353 THOMAS PERLETTE 64/M/W 10/22/15
ST2015-00335 JAMES HOAG 68/M/W 10/22/15
ST2015-00334 FREDRICK SIMMS 89/M/B 10/22/15
ME2015-04560 GARY SCHROEDER 61-70/M/W 10/22/15
ME2015-04556 MARK KARCZEWSKI 56/M/W 10/22/15
ST2015-00352 ROBERT SPANO 6/M/U 10/21/15
ST2015-00350 ROBERT A DUNCALF 74/M/W 10/21/15
ME2015-04547 WILLIAM R MATHES 64/M/W 10/21/15
ME2015-04528 GEORGE KWIT 36/M/W 10/21/15
ST2015-00351 KRZYSZTOF KOWAL 58/M/W 10/20/15
ME2015-04521 JANUSZ SZEWCZYK U/M/W 10/20/15
ME2015-04514 JOHN GARAY 81/M/W 10/19/15
ME2015-04496 BARBARA ENGLAND 70/F/W 10/18/15
ST2015-00349 PATRICIA MAKELA 88/F/W 10/17/15
ST2015-00348 MARLENE GRIDER 74/F/W 10/17/15
ME2015-04482 JAMES H BARNETT 83/M/W 10/17/15
ME2015-04475 OLGA OVALLE 82/F/W 10/17/15
ST2015-00346 MICHAEL RIVERA U/M/U 10/16/15
ME2015-04460 TIMOTHY WEATHERSPOON 32/M/B 10/16/15
ME2015-04442 THOMAS BERCHER 64/M/W 10/15/15
ME2015-04430 JUAN ROSADO 37/M/B 10/14/15
ST2015-00344 RONALD EDMONDS 71/M/B 10/13/15
ST2015-00341 GARY HEFFRON 59/M/U 10/9/15
ST2015-00339 JIMMIE SEALS 85/M/U 10/8/15
ST2015-00337 KAREE THOMPSON 56/M/W 10/8/15
ST2015-00336 LEWIS BARDENY 62/M/B 10/8/15
ST2015-00332 JOHN LONDOS 64/M/W 10/6/15
ST2015-00333 REGIS McPHERSON 77/M/U 10/5/15
ME2015-04258 LINDA L FORSBERG 59/F/W 10/4/15
ST2015-00331 EARL MILLER 77/M/B 10/3/15
ST2015-00330 JANET VALENTINE 79/F/W 10/2/15
ST2015-00329 JERALD RIDER 54/M/U 10/2/15
ST2015-00328 MIGUELTOLLICHI 74/M/W 10/2/15
ST2015-00327 GLADYS RICHMOND 85/F/B 10/1/15
ST2015-00326 WILLIAM SMITH 61/M/B 9/30/15
ST2015-00325 STANLEY R KANIA 81/M/W 9/29/15
ST2015-0324 THERESA G BAJOREK 86/F/W 9/29/15
ST2015-00322 WILLIAM MARCUS 70/M/B 9/29/15
ST2015-00318 DAVID BOSS 65/M/W 9/27/15
ST2015-00321 JACQUELINE STOUT 75/F/U 9/26/15
ST2015-00319 ENRIQUE LOPEZ 81/M/W(H) 9/25/15
ST2015-00316 BESSIE OSBORNE 83/F/U 9/25/15
ST2015-00312 CHRISTOPHER REED 53/M/W 9/25/15
ST2015-00314 NATALIA GREEN 89/F/W 9/25/15
ST2015-00311 JOHN CARLSON 62/M/U 9/23/15
ME0215-04097 GEORGE STEWART 56/M/B 9/23/15
ME2015-04091 KENNETH UBAY 64/M/W 9/23/15
ST2015-00304 DOROTHY DIXON 91/F/B 9/21/15
ME2015-04064 OLGA ADAMS 84/F/W 9/21/15
ST2015-00306 BOGUSLAW GRABALA 56/M/W 9/20/15
ST2015-00305 EVELYN CARR 83/F/W 9/18/15
ST2015-00303 JOSEPH MARTINEZ 61/M/O 9/18/15
ST2015-00302 ANTHONY SCHADE 68/M/B 9/17/15
ST2015-00301 ARCHIE WOODS 77/M/B 9/17/15
ME2015-03995 DONALD KAMINSKI 75/M/W 9/17/15
ST2015-00283 SAMUEL MORRIS 81/M/B 9/3/15
ME2015-03612 CHARLES E JONES 56/M/B 8/23/15
ST2015-00253 HAZEL DOMBE 94/F/W 8/21/15


Statement of Public Notice: Unclaimed indigents will be cremated or buried at County expense within 90 days of admission to our facility as dictated by the Cook County Medical Examiner Ordinance