Unclaimed Persons

This page contains our most up to date list of Unclaimed Persons found in Cook County as of Aoril 16, 2015.

If you feel you are the next of kin to any of the individuals listed, Please contact Steven Smith, Safety Compliance Officer, at 312-997-3002. During regular business hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Case Name Age/Sex/Race Date of Arrival
ST2015-00096 RICHARD ABDO 85/M/U 4/8/15
ST2015-00094 CHARLES SAVAGE 73/M/W 4/7/15
ME2015-01417 WARREN DEAN 65/M/W 4/7/15
ME2015-01406 RICHARD F FORNISS 88/M/B 4/6/15
ME2014-01404 SALLY DIX 88/F/W 4/6/15
ME2015-01403 JOHN PERRY 77/M/W 4/6/15
ST2015-00093 JESSIE WILLIAMS 83/M/B 4/5/15
ME2015-01375 KAY JANIK 52/F/W 4/4/15
ME2015-01362 GEORGE C LEMKE 48/M/W 4/3/15
ST2015-00092 GERTRUDE WALTERS 65/F/W 4/2/15
ST2015-00091 RUTH SHUMAN 68/F/W 4/2/15
ST2015-00090 FRANK GOMEZ 89/M/U 4/2/15
ME2015-01339 MARCEL SIERS 83/M/W 4/2/15
ME2015-01333 CHARLES GRAY 36/M/B 4/2/15
ST2015-00088 RUTH ROWE 93/F/B 3/31/15
ME2015-01291 MICHELLE D ROUDH 46/F/W 3/31/15
ST2015-00085 LEONARDO ZUNIGA 64/M/W 3/26/15
ME2015-01224 FRANK O HARRIS 81/M/B 3/25/15
ME2015-01225 WILLIAM JENSEN 49/M/W 3/24/15
ME2015-01216 FRANCES KWITKOWSKI 64/F/W 3/24/15
ST2015-00084 RONALD DURR 59/M/B 3/23/15
ST2015-00083 JAMES SHELTON 74/M/W 3/23/15
ME2015-01208 DANIEL CONRAD 50/M/W 3/23/15
ME2015-01187 KOJO ASOMOA 70/M/B 3/22/15
ST2015-00082 JUDGE MCGRIFF 87/M/B 3/19/15
ST2015-00080 SIDNEY GAY 69/M/U 3/18/15
ME2015-01152 NICHOLAS VELAZQUEZ 81/M/O 3/18/15
ME2015-01149 DARNELL DUNBAR JR 39/M/B 3/18/15
ME2015-01140 ANNETTE GELSUMINO 88/F/W 3/17/15
ME2015-00813 JASON K HAEGLER 42/M/W 3/15/15
ME2015-01100 GERRI LESTER 85/F/B 3/14/15
ME2015-01096 MICHAEL POE U/M/B 3/14/15
ST2015-00078 HELENA ZAMMEL 63/F/W 3/13/15
ME2015-01075 SALLY O’BRIEN 60/F/W 3/13/15
ME2015-01062 HERMAN LEWIS 74/M/B 3/12/15
ST2015-00076 SHEYENNE SIERRA 63/F/U 3/11/15
ST2015-00007 STERLING WARD 60/M/U 3/10/15
ME2015-01035 ANTHONY MEADOWS 72/M/W 3/10/15
ME2015-01013 JOHN PALANS 76/M/W 3/9/15
ST2015-00072 ARTHUR LAYTON 59/M/W 3/6/15
ST2015-00067 CAROL SUTTERBY 69/M/W 3/6/15
ME2015-00965 ARUN VATS 58/M/W 3/6/15
ME2015-00927 DANIEL MAZAN 41-50/M/W 3/3/15
ST2015-00070 ROBERT BRYANT 38/M/W 3/2/15
ME2015-00873 JAMES M JENNE 67/M/W 2/28/15
ME2015-00871 STANLEY P GUSTOWSKI 63/M/W 2/28/15
ME2015-00821 JERRY R RUPERT 66/M/W 2/25/15
ST2015-00065 JUAN XIQUE 55M/U 2/25/15
ME2015-00790 GEORGE R MCCANTS 73/M/B 2/24/15
ST2015-00062 PHILLIP MCMANUS 81/M/W 2/24/15
ME2015-00766 JAMES L BAILLIE 67/M/W 2/23/15
ST2015-00060 WILLIAM BITTLER 68/M/W 2/23/15
ME2015-00706 ISMAEL CARPIO 64/F/M/W 2/18/15
ST2015-00056 ROSELLA WIBBERDING 50/F/W 2/18/15
ST2015-00048 KAZIMIERZ GRABOWSKI 59/M/W 2/11/15
ME2015-00551 NOLIS RODRIGUEZ 71/M/W 2/6/15
ME2015-00514 GLORIA ESBORN 80/F/W 2/4/15
ME2015-00482 JANICE MCCORMICK 65/F/W 2/2/15
ST2015-00024 JOSE SANCHEZ 61/M/W 1/29/15
ST2015-00023 ELEONORA ROACH 701/F/B 1/25/15
ST2015-00018 JAMES MOIR 93/M/W 1/19/15
ST2015-00016 ETTA ATKINS 89/F/B 1/19/15
ST2015-00008 THOMAS PALAMERT 64/M/W 1/9/15
ME2015-00136 CYNTHIA THOMAS 61/F/W 1/8/15
ST2014-00159 JOHN BOMAR 56/M/W 12/29/14
ST2014-00158 WILLIAM HERTEL 70/M/W 12/29/14
ST2014-00156 ROY M HOLMES 83/M/B 12/26/14
ST2014-00149 ELSIE WOYT 91/F/W 12/22/14
ST2014-00134 DONALD PERSON 85/M/W 12/15/14
ST2014-00119 HARLAN SMITH 84/M/W 12/3/14
ST2014-00063 JOHN NOWAK 78/M/W 10/7/14


Statement of Public Notice: Unclaimed indigents will be cremated or buried at County expense within 90 days of admission to our facility as dictated by the Cook County Medical Examiner Ordinance