Unidentified Persons

Unidentified Persons

indigent Monument 2013 WEBThis page contains descriptions of unidentified remains whose cases have been processed by the Medical Examiner’s Office as of April 27, 2016

Call 312-666-0500 to speak to Deputy Chief Investigator, Timothy Doe, about matching one of these unidentified bodies to the identity of a missing person. Descriptions of cases can also be found at NAMUS.gov

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Unidentified Persons

Case #

Date Found

Location Found



 ME2015-04223 10/01/15 500 E. Grand Ave., Chicago, ILFound in Lake Michigan
  • Male
  • Approximately 5’8”, approximately 178 lbs.
  • One “Brooks Brothers” shoe, pair of black socks
 ME2015-02665 6/26/15 3918 N. RockwellChicago, IL

Found in River

  • Male White
  • 5’9”, 164 lbs.
  • Brown eyes, short brown hair, faint beard
  • Tattoo: Inner right lower leg-stars, moon, and planet with ring
  • Clothing: blue jeans, white boxer underwear. Accompanying the body: 2 black shoes and 2 black socks
None Available
 ME2015-02395 6/10/15 1000 East Ohio StreetChicago, IL

Found in Lake Michigan

  • Male White/ASIAN, 20-30 years of age
  • 5’8”, 122 lbs.
  • Tattoo: upper chest “_____ Forgive me of my sins”, back of right forearm “Christ’s disciple”, back of left forearm Ohio State Buckeye symbol outline of state of Ohio with “Cleveland 216”, back upper left arm “M”, right forearm a symbol, left inner forearm “N.F.L.” “money over bitches” and a woman’s face, left forearm “rubber city boy 330” with a skyline, left forearm a cross with unknown writing, right forearm an angel with wings
  • Clothing: Black sweatpants size XL, white thermal underwear “USA MASTER” size medium, white underwear “Fruit of the Loom”

Sketch 2

 ME2015-01555 4/16/15 1400 Water Street,Blue Island, IL 60406
  • Black Male, 50-70 years of age
  • 5’9”, 163 lbs.
  • Brown and gray hair, brown and gray beard
  • Glass right eye, brown left eye,
  • Teeth in poor condition with only 1-2 upper teeth present
  • Clothing: 2 Black “Reebok” boots size 11, long reddish/brown leather jacket, dark shirt with “Henri Valdise” on label size 20, Black leather belt size 34, dark pants with “William Rast” brand on label and “Twisted Arc 34 x 34” on second label and a flag design on inside of pants

Sketch 2

 ME2015-01517 4/14/15 3111 S. Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60612Found in canal
  • Black Male
  • Approximately 119 lbs
  • Short black head hair
  • Short black facial stubble
  • Orthopedic hardware is alone the jawbone
None Available
 ME2015-01015 3/9/15 2929 North Oakley, Chicago IL 60618Found in river
  • White Male, appearing to be 51-60 years of age
  • 6’1”, 216 lbs.
  • Short gray hair, brown eyes
  • Clothing: Black jacket (GAP brand), grey hooded sweatshirt w/a Texas Titans logo, plaid short sleeve button down shirt, black pants w/a brown belt, white thermal pants, 2 black gloves on right hand, black headband around head/chin
  • Clothing accompanying body: 2 pairs of black socks, black sneakers (Nike size 12), 2 black gloves
None Available
 ME2015-00851 2/27/15 8700 S. Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60620automobile fire
  • Black Male
  • Rubberband bracelet “love yourself”
  • Clothing: Gray sweatshirt, red hat, brown hospital socks
 ME2014-01195 10/29/14  2559 West Jackson, Chicago, IL 60601Wooded Area alongside railroad tracks
  • Skeletal remains
  • Clothes: red bra, two green boots, two multicolored socks, two multicolored stockings, gray and black pants, black heavy coat, multicolored shirt
 ME2014-0835 10/6/14 2430 S. SenourChicago, IL 60608Found in Chicago River
  • Male, 45-50 years old
  • 150 lbs., 5’2”
  • Black hair about 1 ½” in length, mustache ¼ in length, dark gray/brown eyes
  • The left femur demonstrated a 10” healed linear scar, there was a metal rod and screw in place on the left femur
  • Clothes: gray pair of socks, blue long sleeve shirt, black t-shirt, black hat with Shoreline Sightseeing written on it
 None Available
 465 JUL 14 7/27/14 1334 E. 79 ST., CHICAGO, IL 60619

Abandoned retail store

  • Male, Black
  • 5′; 68 lbs
  • Clothing: brown socks, black underwear, black pants, two shirts, black glove
  • Right femur demonstrated a metal rod and multiple pins, associated with a callus of the lower third of the femur
None Available
163 MAY 14 5/10/14 4816 W. Ferdinand Ave. Chicago, IL 60644
  • Male
  • Clothing: brown striped shirt, white t-shirt, brown/black pants with a brown belt, white briefs, white boxer underwear, black stocking. A burlap bag is also received.
None Available
311 APR 14 4/21/14 6222 S. Paulina
Chicago, IL 60636Found in an abandoned residence
  • Black Male, appearing at least 40 years of age
  • 5’9”, 129lbs.
  • Straight black hair with gray streaks, black beard
  • Clothing: white t-shirt, blue jeans, gray pants, blue socks
162 APR 14 4/11/14 Chicago River
near 700 S Wells Street
  • Male
  • 5’7″, 150 lbs.
  • clothing: fragments of gray hooded sweatshirt and black t-shirt
 None Available
342 Jan 14 1/21/14 3272 W. Fullerton, Chicago, IL 60647
  • White Male, 178 lbs., 5’9”
  • Straight gray hair up to 1-1/2” long with a receded hairline and balding on the frontoparietal scalp, gray mustache and beard
  • Brown eyes
  • Clothes:  blue hooded jacket (Blue Ink Apparel, 2XL), brown leather belt (38 inches), brown corduroy pants (Nautica Rigger 36W x 34 L), black leather boots (size 11)
 1 photo 
199 Nov 13 11/12/13 7147 S. University, Chicago, IL 60619Found in abandoned building
  • Black Male
  • 5’9” to 6’4” height range
  • Approximately 35 to 50 years of age
  • Black, curly hair and black beard
  • Known to be called “Pops”
  • Clothes:  green scrub top-Medline Encore size extra large.  A gray blanket accompanies the body.
511 JUL 13 7/29/13 1059 N. Clark
Chicago, IL
  • Black female, 50’s, 160 lbs., 5’6″
  • Black hair with gray, Brown eyes
  • Earlobes are pierced: faint scars on buttocks.
  • Clothes: white Hanes XXL t-shirt, black Crocs, white nylon socks, white Jerzees medium t-shirt, black and brown Hanes premium size medium sweatpants
 1 Photo 
078 JUN 13 6/5/13 4709 S. Lake Shore Drive,
Chicago, IL 60615In rocks of the shoreline
  • Left leg of a White Male of at least 30 yrs of age, standing approximately 5’5″ to 6′ in height.
None Available
031 MAY 13 5/2/13 4053 W. School
Chicago, IL
  • White male, 50’s, 149 lbs., 5’11”
  • Brown with gray hair, slightly gray beard
  • Clothes: blue jacket, brown leather jacket, blue sweater, 2 blue t-shirts, blue denim jeans, blue boxer briefs, yellow sock, white and blue shoes
092 DEC 12 12/5/12 1623 W. 21 St. Chicago, IL
  • White Hispanic male, 30’s, 234 lbs., 5’5″
  • Black hair, black mustache and beard, brown eyes
  • Clothes: brown fleece jacket, blue jacket, black jeans, white socks, and black and white shoes.
  • Found in alley
 1 photo 
081 NOV 12 11/5/12 626 E. 111th St.,
Chicago, IL
  • White female, approximately 20 yrs. old, 134 lbs., 5’8″
  • Medium length brown hair, brown eyes
  • Clothes: Black sweatshirt, white undershirt, blue jeans, and blue boxer shorts
  • Found in parking lot of recycling center
377 AUG 12 8/21/12 3203 W. Cermak Rd. Chicago, ILFound in abandoned building
  • Decomposed individual, 38 lbs, 4’9″
  • Short black hair. Red/black facial hair on chin and philtrum
  • Tattoo of wings and a parachute on posterior aspect of right forearm. Scorpion on the posterior aspect of left forearm
  • Clothes: Blue jeans, brown sneakers


 Sketch Sketch 2
021 JUL 12 7/2/12 1505 N. Pulaski,
Chicago, IL
  • Male, 57 yrs. old, 117 lbs, 5’7″
  • Short black hair
  • Clothes: Green socks
  • Found in residence
None Available
226 JUN 12  6/16/12 5903 S. Eggleston Chicago, IL
  •  Decomposed female, 140 lbs., 5’4″
  • Long, dark hair
  • Red/pink nail polish on right toenails
  • Found in vacant lot
091 APR 12 4/6/12 1635 N. Mozart
Chicago, ILFound in abandoned building
  • Male, 124 lbs., 5’3″
  • Clothes: Black t-shirt
440 FEB 12 2/25/12 457 N. Union St.,
Chicago, ILFound near railroad tracks
  • Black male. 35-45 years old, 124 lbs., 5’3″
  • Black Curly
  • Clothes: brown pants, brown leather belt, one black New Balance shoe, tan jacket, gray t-shirt, purple long sleeve shirt
  • apparent homeless man found near railroad near tracks
None Available
312 FEB 12  2/18/12 5600 N. Cicero Ave. Chicago, IL
  • Unknown skeletal remains. (Tentatively identified as RONALD RISHER: Male, 65 yrs. old, 5’4″, 130 lbs.)
  • Clothes: Black Crocs, white socks, blue and pink socks, a lined black nylon pair of overalls, a blue corporate jacket, black gloves, gray sweatpants, gray hooded sweatshirt, a black nylon jacket
  • Accompanying the body is a black baseball cap and a white metal chain. Also, a black canvas wallet with a fake “million dollar” bill
234 SEP 11 9/15/11 4200 N. Milwaukee Chicago, IL
  • White male, 50’s, 250 lbs., 6’3″
  • Short brown hair, hazel eyes, gray mustache and beard. Pierced left earlobe, right earlobe is pierced 3 times
  • Scar on the right posterior forearm
  • Tattoos: Lateral right upper arm “MEMENTO MORI”, anterior right forearm indiscernable letters, anterior right forearm multi-pattern design, posterior left forearm indiscernible letters, anterior upper right thigh a cat with a pipe
  • Clothes: Black/white shirt, gray blazer, black jean shorts, white underwear, black shoes
 5 photos 
160 MAY 11 5/12/11 3837 W. 23rd Street Chicago, IL
  • Asian female, 60 yr old, 98 lbs., 4’9″
  • Black hair with gray, brown eyes. Gold-capped teeth
  • Clothes: Red/blue and white shirt, pink panties, red pants
 1 photo 
353 NOV 10  11/22/10 2763 N. Spaulding Basement Unit
Chicago, IL
  • White male, 148lbs., 5’9″
  • Short gray hair. Blue eyes
  • Scars: right side of abdomen, Left side of abdomen, right groin, anterior aspect of legs.
  • Clothes: Blue briefs and white sneakers.
  • Accompanying the body is a green blanket
 1 photo 
123 JUN 10 6/8/10 5922 S. Aberdeen, Chicago, IL 60621
  • Human skull of a Black Male, approximately 35-55 years old
  • Black straight very short hair
  • An old right mandibular fracture repaired with white metal wire at the madibular angle
 None Available
227 APR 10  4/15/10 801 S. Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, IL
  • White male, mid 40’s, 168 lbs., 5’8″
  • Gray whiskers on cheeks
  • Clothes: Levi 501 jeans. Brown belt with sailboats. White briefs labeled Nautica, brown socks, brown Sperry top-sider size 10M shoes.
  • Found floating in Lake Michigan
 Sketch Sketch 2 
415 JAN 10 1/27/10 I & M Canal,
Lemont, IL
  • Black male, 21-35 years of age, 200 lbs., 6’2″
  • Brown hair, brown eye, artifical left eye
  • Clothes: Brown plaidshirt,  black jeans,
  • Found floating in canal
None Available
039 SEP 09 9/3/09 2941 N. Avers,
3rd Floor,
Chicago, IL
  • Black male, 60’s, 118 lbs., 5’5″
  • Scant black with gray hair
  • Clothing: Blue jeans, brown belt, blue and white plaid boxer shorts
  • Found in an abandoned building
356 JUL 08 7/24/08 6001 S. Pershing Rd.
Stickney, IL
  • White male skeleton
  • 19 lbs., 5’3″, 55-75 yrs old
  • Brown with gray hair, teeth are natural
  • Injury to the left mid-face which left his nose strongly deviated to the right
  • Clothes: Brown checked size small St. John’s Bay shirt, black pants, black belt, brown size small AAA A1 style Apparel and Active Wear t-shirt, brown checked size small pajama pants, black size 8.5 Wesley and Co. shoes
  • A white metal cigarette lighter, black comb, and a white and black pen accompany the body
049 NOV 05 11/4/05 12200 S. Doty Rd. Chicago, IL 60633
  • White Female, approximately 65+ yrs old.
  • When younger she was approximately 5’5″ in height, but at time of death she was 1-4 inches shorter
  • Right-handed
  • Death occurred 2 to 6 years prior to discovery
 None Available
435 APR 05 4/28/05 13060 S. Indiana,Chicago IL 60627
  • Skeletal remains of a White Female, approximately 13 to 18 years of age
103 JUL 83 7/5/83 131st Street & Homan Avenuein Calumet Sag Channel
  • White male, unknown age, 153 lbs., 6’1″
  • Short black straight hair, sparse black mustache and goatee, brown eyes
  • Clothes: White Jockey shorts, blue jeans
None Available