Countywide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

What is ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP,  is business software that can be purchased in modules to i
ntegrate ‘back-office’ busi ness processes and information silos.Picture1

ERP projects are regarded as complex ‘business transformation’ projects because organizations have to re-engineer their current business processes to leverage the capabilities of the ERP system.

ERP return-on-investment can be measured and even improved, as the capabilities of the system are extended. The ERP Center of Excellence has been established to help optimize the ROI on the Cook County ERP Project.

The Need for ERP

Picture2Cook County’s JD Edwards, legacy ERP system, is many releases behind. This resulted from the fact that the system was highly customized when it was implemented in 2000, making it nearly impossible to take advantage of new software upgrades.
The current system is fragile and contributes to inefficiencies, and duplicative investments in standalone business intelligence (BI) tools and ERP solutions.

August 2014 – Briefing

Cook County conducted it’s ERP Briefing on August 19, 2014 to introduce the project timeline, scope of work, project benefits, and approach.
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March 2012 – First Annual ERP Executive Briefing

Cook County conducted its First Annual ERP Executive Briefing on March 15, 2012, to begin to prepare internally for the Countywide ERP business process blueprinting and RFP effort. The briefing participants included Bureau Chiefs; Chief Financial Officers; department heads from under the Office of the President; the Health & Hospitals Systems; the Forest Preserve District; and independently elected officials.
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May 2011 – Cook County Information Technology Meet & Greet

To facilitate the introduction of information technology vendors, consulting firms, ERP vendors, and M/W/DBE vendors, on May 13, 2011, Cook County hosted an Information Technology Meet & Greet. Over 170 representatives from vendor firms attended. Also in attendance, to assist vendors with the certification process, were Cook County Contract & Compliance Department, the Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council (CMSDC) and the Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC). Representatives from Chicago Botanic Gardens, and Brookfield Zoo were on hand to provide information about IT and M/W/DBE opportunities.
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April 2011 – Collaborative Review of ERP RFI Vendor ResponsesStandishGroup_Success

The purpose of this meeting was to bring departments from across Cook County together to review the:
(1) recommended ERP implementation timeline; (2) recommended project staff, resulting from the twenty-one ERP RFI Vendor Responses which were submitted to Cook County, on or before March 4, 2011; and to (3) obtain user insights and recommendations.



February 2011 – Countywide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)/ Request for Information (RFI)

A Request for Information (RFI) #11-50-051, was issued by the Cook County Department of Procurement on February 3, 2011, for the countywide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System and the related System Integration Services.
The following documents are provided  to the public as part of its issuance.