Intent to Award

Awarded Contracts

Please go to the contract awards page from the Office of the Chief Procurement Officer to obtain PDF copies of all contracts awarded since September 2011.  This information is updated regularly.

A list of all County contracts awarded at each meeting of the of  the Cook County Board of Commissioners can be viewed online.  Other supplemental award information and notices related to awarded contracts are also available.  Award listings are available from November 2003 to present.

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Intent to Award Reports

The following reports provide the list of vendors to be recommended for award at the Cook County Board Meetings and are posted below for public viewing:

Pursuant to Section 34-151(1) of the Procurement Ordinance, bidders may protest the recommended winner and/or the bidding process by writing to the Chief Procurement Officer. Said protest should be sent, via certified mail, to:
Cook County – The Office of the Chief Procurement Officer | RE: Bid Protest
118 N. Clark, Room 1018 | Chicago, IL 60602