Permit Requirements

Permit Requirement Guidelines

All permits must now be submitted in a digital format.    View Instruction Sheet

To facilitate the approval of a building permit application, please review the requirements for your construction project as so enumerated on the flyers available below, and make your submission digitally.

Please choose the applicable flyer for your specific project(s).  Please note that the following list of requirements may not reflect all documents and items required for permit review and approval.  During the review process, there may be additional items and documents requested by staff. Also, the permit may require permits from other local, state or federal agencies and you will be notified of these requirements during the permit review process.


Permit Tips   –   To submit permit applications, please email us at:   

Address Authorization

Above Ground Pool

Advertising Sign Application

Business Occupancy Requirements and Application



Engineering Advisory

Engineering Review Requirements



Flat Work Requirements

Floodplain Review –  Site Engineering Review for Floodplain Compliance

Generator Installations

In Ground Pool

Re-Roofing Permit Requirements

Roof Tips (Homeowner)

Shed Plan/Detached Garage Application & Requirements

Sign Permit Requirements



Window Replacement Requirements

Wireless-Telecommunications Permit

Review and Advisory

Architectural Advisory – Single Family Residential – posted online May, 2012

Architectural Advisory – All structures other than single family residential – posted online May, 2012

Engineering Advisory

Site Engineering Review – Floodplain Compliance

Site Engineering Review – Single Family Residence

Site Engineering Review – Commercial/Industrial Construction

Township Requirements

Specific requirements for the following unincorporated townships:

Maine Township Requirements

Northfield Township Requirements

Palos Township Requirements

Schaumburg Township Requirements

Wheeling Township Requirements

Worth Township Requirements