Sheriff of Cook County

Under the provisions of the Illinois State Constitution, the Cook County Sheriff’s Office is charged with three main tasks:

  • Providing services and security to all county court facilities
  • Administering the Cook County Jail
  • Policing the unincorporated areas of Cook County

Sheriff’s Office Online

For more information about the Sheriff’s Office, including and online Inmate Locator, a link to the Illinois State registered sex offender search engine, and a variety of other public service information, visit them online at

Sheriff’s Office Online

For more inforamtion about the Sheriff’s Office, including an online Inmate Locator, Sex Offendor listing search and a variety of public service information, visit them online at

Court Services Department

Deputy Sheriffs provide security for all courtrooms and aide judges and other court officials in the orderly operation of daily business. Deputies man metal detectors and provide security at 19 different court facilities and serve warrants, eviction orders and summons handed down by the courts.cook County has the largest unified court system in the nation.

Department of Corrections

Cook County Jail is one of the largest single-site pre-trial holding facilities in the country. Sheriff’s Correctional Officers are responsible for the security of more than 9,000 detainees, most of whom are awaiting trial in the criminal court system. Online Inmate Locator To find online information on current inmates, link to the Sheriff’s Online Inmate Locator.

Sheriff’s Police Department

Sheriff’s Police Officers are charged with patrolling unincorporated areas of Cook County. Approximately 125,000 people live in unincorporated communities. Sheriff’s Police also assist suburban police departments in routine police operations as well as drug, vice and gang crime operations.

Custodial Department

Provides janitorial services for the County Building and all court facilities.

Department of Administrative and Support Services

Oversees the following administrative functions in the Sheriff’s Office: financial management of the entire Sheriff’s Department including asset forfeiture and grant management, computer networking systems,vehicle services and the department’s training academy.