The 2012 Peggy A. Montes “Unsung Heroine of Cook County” Award Winners

WHEREAS, in the month of March we celebrate women’s history and women’s ongoing struggles to build a better world; and

WHEREAS, the Cook County Commission on Women’s Issues established an award to honor women who have made exceptional contributions to their communities, families, and professions; and

WHEREAS, on Thursday, March 15, 2012, the Cook County Commission on Women’s Issues hosted the 15th Annual Cook Unsung Heroine Awards and Breakfast; and

WHEREAS, on Thursday, March 15, 2012, eighteen women from throughout Cook County were presented with the “Peggy A. Montes Unsung Heroine Award” in recognition of  their hard and selfless work on behalf of others.

2012 Award Recipients (click on a name to see their profile):

At large, Susan K. Power

1st District, Rochelle Delores Smith

2nd District, Dorian Kimberly Carter

3rd District, Rev. Camilla Scott Tanner

4th District, Rev. Wanda Y. Parker

5th District, Twin D. Green

6th District, Sandra Miller

7th District, Linda Sarate

8th District, Hope O’Rell

9th District, Audrey Nankervis

10th District, Brenda K. Arreola

11th District, Nance Dulaj

12th District, Zorytza Rodriquez

13th District, Corrie Wallace

14th District, Debi Stanton

15th District, Maureen Seleski

16th District, Florence Forshey

17th District, Mona Purdy