Nance L. Dulaj: 11th District Winner, 2012 Peggy A. Montes Unsung Heroine of Cook County Award

Nance Dulaj has devotedly served at the Chicago Commission on Human Relations for over 30 years, where her skills had her translating numerous documents both in Polish and Spanish.   Nance has read the news in English and Spanish on CRIS Radio, a radio station devoted to the visually impaired.  Recently, she was named a member of the Midway Sound Insulation Program and is participating in Sheriff Tom Dart’s Senior Citizen Law Enforcement Academy.

Nance has contributed to the West Lawn Community and the City that she loves for as long as she can remember and has “no intention of slowing down.” After undergoing a successful brain aneurysm operation, Nance L. Dulaj celebrated her 80th birthday last year.