Zoning Classifcations

Zoning Classification Search

The Department of Building and Zoning allows you to review the current zoning classification of parcels located in unincorporated Cook County (only). In order to learn a property’s zoning classification, you must enter the property’s fourteen (14) digit permanent real estate index number (PIN).

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Zoning Applications

Map Amendment Application & Requirements

A “map amendment” is a change in zoning classification from the Cook County Comprehensive Land Use Map.

Special Use Application & Requirements
A “special use” of land or buildings, or both, described in the Cook County Zoning Ordinance is a use subject to special provisions because of unique characteristics that do not allow the use to be properly classified as a permitted use.

Variance Application & Requirements
A “variance” means a grant of relief from the requirements of the Cook County Zoning Ordinance which permits construction in a manner that would otherwise be prohibited by the Ordinance.


Application for Extension of Time for Variance or Special Use

Zoning Districts Summary