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Chicago, IL 60602
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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is charged with implementing and supporting Countywide financial system projects to improve business operations. ERP serves as a program management office that focuses on planning, supervising and executing key technology projects to replace antiquated technologies, streamline services and reduce costs by millions. Current projects include enterprise deployment of the Cook County Time (CCT) Time and Attendance system and Strategic & Tactical Enterprise Processes (STEP) project to implement the Oracle E-Business Suite ERP software. Completed projects include the configuration and implementation of the JDEdwards E1 Human Resources, Payroll, and Benefits Management system which is now in Production. 

The Cook County Time (CCT) Time and Attendance project is cut payroll-related costs by moving to biometric time clocks which minimized payroll errors and reduced administrative staff time spent manually processing paper timesheets and time-off requests. This initiative allows for the automation and integrated time tracking for the County’s approximately 23,000 employees at more than 100 locations. This is an important component of the Countywide goal to decrease overtime costs.

The STEP ERP suite retired eight outmoded systems and saved the County millions of dollars annually through centralizing supply chain data to reduce inventory expenses and increase use of automation.

Enterprise Resource Planning has also worked with the Comptroller’s Office, Bureau of Human Resources and the Bureau of Technology to roll out several additional process improvements to increase efficiency and reduce costs. A 2015 initiative included the Employee Self Service (ESS) module, through which each County employee is able to review his or her pay statements electronically, while eliminating the need to print physical paystubs.