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Case Study Sites

The Project

The Cook County Community Solar Project uses 15 case studies to show that community solar energy is possible in our region, and has the potential to bring access and equity in renewable energy to the three quarters of the County’s residents currently left out because of technical or financial barriers to investing in solar.  Community solar can also bring significant numbers of jobs to the region.

Case Study Overview 

The Community Solar Case Study Overview document describes this process in detail, and sets forth assumptions made in the process.  The fifteen individual case studies below and their appendices provide detail about each site. 

Cook County Community Solar: Case Study Overview


The Sites

The sites represent a diverse set of business models.  They include: small and large solar installations; public, private and nonprofit ownership; and a variety of subscriber models including residential, commercial/institutional, and low income.  Engineering and financial analysis and solar design were conducted for each site. 

While each site owner will make an independent decision on whether to go forward with solar installation, these case studies will provide realistic and practical project plans for guidance on the development of successful community solar projects that can be replicated across the region.  . 

Commmunity Solar Case Study Sites

Site (click to view case details) Location Estimated Solar Capacity Site Ownership Proposed System Ownership Proposed Installation Type Proposed Subscription Type
Prairie State College Chicago Heights 2 MW Public Developer Ground Tracking + Carports Panel Lease
Altgeld Gardens Chicago 2 MW Public Public (Host Owned) Ground Tracking Panel Lease
Markham Courthouse Markham 2 MW Public Developer Rooftop Ballasted + Carports Panel Lease
CTA Maintenance Facility  Skokie 1900 kW Public Developer Rooftop Ballasted + Carports Panel Lease
Rich East High School Park Forest 1640 kW Public  Developer Rooftop Ballasted + Carports Panel Lease
Des-Plaines - Lake Landfill Des Plaines 1420 kW Nonprofit Special Entity-Flip Structure (Host Owned) Ground Ballasted Panel Lease
UAL Data Center Glenview 1400 kW Private Developer Rooftop Ballasted Panel Lease
Taft High School Chicago 579 kW Public Developer Roof Ballasted Panel Lease
Housing Authority of Cook County Chicago Heights 562 kW Public Developer Ground Tracking Panel Lease
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Glenview 534 kW Nonprofit Developer Rooftop Ballasted + Carports Panel Lease - Donor
Warren Park Field House Chicago 534 kW Public Developer Rooftop Ballasted + Carports Panel Lease
Rockwell Industrial Building Chicago 470 kW Private Private (Host Owned) Rooftop Ballasted Panel Lease
Knox Industrial Building Chicago 279 kW Private Private (Host Owned) Rooftop Ballasted Panel Lease
Hill Arboretum Apartments Evanston 127 kW Nonprofit Nonprofit (Host Owned) Rooftop Ballasted Panel Lease
7200 S Kimbark Chicago 54 kW Private Private Rooftop  Distributed Generation


Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative, the project was carried out by Project Partners: Cook County, Elevate Energy, the Environmental Law and Policy Center, the City of Chicago, ComEd, and West Monroe Partners. 



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