On February 21, winners of the 2016 Chicago Innovation Awards joined President Preckwinkle for a round table discussion about their innovations and the positive impact they could have for the County and our entire region.  In our photo, President Preckwinkle and the leadership of the Chicago Innovation Awards share a final moment with the 2016 Award winners. In the front row, (left) is Luke Tannen, Executive Director, Howard Males, Board Member, President Preckwinkle (center) and to her right is Tom Kuczmarski, Founder. 

View video of event.

View longer video with Award Winners

In her remarks, President Preckwinkle noted several important points:

• The Chicago Innovation Awards received a record-breaking 643 nominees in 2016. The winners attending this meeting represent the final winners from the most competitive pool of nominees the Chicago Innovation Awards (CIA) has seen in their 16 year history.

• Of the 25 winners, 10 have female CEOs.

• The Chicago Innovation Awards launched a new award in 2016 called the Chicago Neighborhood Award to celebrate entrepreneurs from Chicago’s neighborhoods. It included nominations from 104 organizations. Future rounds of this award will include nominations from suburban Cook County.

A very informative discussion took place as questions were raised not only about their innovation, but how their ideas may have a positive impact on such items as jobs, education, and prevention of infections in hospital environments.  To find out more about the winners and their innovations, go to the Chicago Innovation Awards website.