Many people are considering adopting a pet during the COVID pandemic. Cook County Animal and Rabies Control advises residents to be aware of scams on the internet offering dogs/cats at discount rates. Reports have surfaced of scammers targeting people seeking pets online, asking for payment up front and not delivering a pet.

Residents are urged to heed the following advice. Recommendations from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) include meeting the dog/cat in person before sending any money. Cash being sent to strangers via Western Union or a money order before one has received the dog/cat is not a good idea. If funds are exchanged, use a credit card so you can dispute charges.  The buyer should be wary of low pricing for dogs/cats that seem too good to be true.

As always, Cook County Animal and Rabies Control encourages residents to adopt a pet from a local shelter. Area shelters are still conducting adoptions during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Visit their websites to find dogs and cats looking for their forever homes. Please see the shelter list posted on our website.