UPDATE: Per the Cook County Board President’s Executive Order 2020-3, our office at 69 W. Washington is closed to encourage social distancing and prevent the spread of COVID-19. However many essential functions are still being provided.

Permits: To assist businesses during the COVID-19 response, the department is extending the billing date for the annual certificate of operation to May 1st 2020.  If you have any questions, please contact the department at certificateofoperations@cookcountyil.gov.

Thank you for your patience.

As of 2019 all payments shall be submitted through the new electronic permit processing portal for your Certificate of Operation (COO). Enter the required information from the Statement of Account that you received.  Note that in accordance with Section 30-186 of the Cook County Municipal Code, “A current certificate of operation shall be required for any person to use or operate any fuel-burning, combustion, process equipment, process, or air pollution control device.”. If you have any questions about your COO please email certificateofoperations@cookcountyil.gov or call (312)-603-8200.