Change Management is a critical component of any successful enterprise technology project. Implementing software and hardware without considering the employee population limits its capacity and willingness to adopt those new technologies. Change Management is about managing people in a changing environment so that business changes are successful and the desired business results are realized; the effort aims to increase employee awareness, abilities, skills and confidence to ensure a more fully-utilized system after implementation.
The Office of Enterprise Resource Planning views training and communications to be just as important as the technologies we implement. ERP follows industry best practice standards to apply Change Management principles to help County employees transition into new processes and systems. The Organizational Change Management team is an integral part of the Project Management effort for both the STEP project as well as the CCT Time and Attendance project. 
The County is implementing change management best practices to help employees perform new activities and transition into new processes and systems. Change Management aims to increase employee awareness, abilities, skills and confidence. Additionally, it creates a more fully utilized system after implementation.