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Below please find useful information on the contract process. A number of essential contract forms for doing business with Cook County including the Minority- and Women-owned Business Enterprise Program Policies and Procedures can be found in the Downloads Section on the right side of this page. 

Responding to a Solicitation

OCC sets MBE, WBE or DBE goals on most Cook County and Cook County Health contracting opportunities.  Where a M/W/DBE goal is assigned, any Bidder or Proposer must document its commitment to meeting the Contract specific MBE, WBE or DBE participation goals by submitting a Utilization Plan (Form 1) with the Bid or Proposal. The Utilization Plan documents which M/W/DBE firms are to be utilized on the contract; what work the M/W/DBE will be doing; the percentage of the total contract value assigned to the M/W/DBE firm and the dollar amount to be paid to the M/W/DBE firm(s). 

The Utilization Plan shall include one or more Letter(s) of Intent (Form 2) from each of the M/W/DBE firms that will perform on the contract; and (2) current Letters of Certification for each M/W/DBE firm showing its certification as such. If the M/WBE firm is certified by Cook County, then only the current certification letter is required.  If the M/WBE firm is certified by the City of Chicago, then the current certification letter PLUS the Reciprocal Affidavit is also required. DBE firms only require its certification letter from its ILUCP certifying agency.

If the Bidder or Proposer is a Cook County or City of Chicago certified MBE of WBE (or ILUCP certified DBE) the Bidder/Proposer should include its own LOI to documents the work it will be doing; the percentage of the total contract value assigned to itself and the dollar amount to be paid to itself. 

If a Bidder/Proposer is unable to meet the M/W/DBE goals assigned to the contract, the Bidder or Proposer shall submit a written Petition for Waiver and Good Faith Efforts Transparency Report (Form 3) and the Good Faith Efforts Transparency Report Guide (Form 4) attached to the Bid, Quotation or Proposal that demonstrate its Good Faith Efforts to meet the M/W/DBE goal; an explanation of its inability to meet the goals for MBE, WBE or DBE participation; and documents in support thereof. Forms 1,2 and/or 3 and 4 shall be submitted at the time that the bid or proposal is due.

At all times, OCC staff are available to assist in understanding the process, filling out forms and in searching for certified M/W/DBE businesses.

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