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Partnering with the Family Independence Initiative, we launched the COVID-19 Recovery: Cash Assistance Program. The application window was October 26 through November 6, 2020. The Program offered a one-time cash payment of $600 to income eligible suburban Cook County residents who have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Eligibility requirements: 

  • Must be a resident of suburban Cook County. Residents of the City of Chicago are not eligible for this fund. 
  • One form of government issued identification that includes your current residential address or two alternative forms of identification
  • Proof of your COVID-19 hardship due to unpaid leave, care for vulnerable or infected relatives, or loss of wages due to business or school closures. See acceptable documents here;
  • Proof of household income meeting eligibility requirements. Go here;
  • Bank information including account and routing number if you choose to direct deposit. You can typically find this on a check. 
  • Other options include CashApp, PayPal, Chime or pre-paid card. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I have questions?

All questions should be routed to the UpTogether Support Center. You can reach the  UpTogether Support Center by visiting The Support Center has dozens of articles that will answer most of your questions. If you are unable to find an answer after searching for a related article, you can access a live chat feature between the hours of 7am and 7pm CST Monday – Thursday; 8am to 4pm CST Friday, and 10am to 1pm CST Saturday.

To find out more about the Family Independence Initiative, go here.