Civil Division

2245 West Ogden Avenue, Chicago, IL 
Phone: 312-433-7046

The Civil Division of the Law Office of the Cook County Public Defenders represents parents when the State files allegations of abuse, neglect or dependency in relation to their children.  The Assistant Public Defenders in the Civil Division work to ensure the rights of the biological parents to raise their children and works with service agencies and the  court to reunite families whenever possible.

Felony Trial Division

2650 S. California, Chicago, IL 
Phone: 773-674-3217

Attorneys assigned to the Law Office of the Cook County Public Defender’s Felony Trial Division represent indigent defendants in 34 courtrooms that take in cases from the City of Chicago. These cases range in severity from drug possession to first degree murder.

First Municipal Division

69 W. Washington–17th Floor, Chicago, IL 
Phone: 312-603-8300

The First Municipal Division represents indigent clients accused of misdemeanors across Chicago, including branch courts, the domestic relations court at 555 W. Harrison, traffic court at the Daley Center.  They also represent clients in preliminary hearings to challenge whether probable cause exists to charge that client with a felony.  The attorneys, supervisors, investigators and support staff of the First Municipal are housed in various locations throughout Chicago and are tasked with representing a large number of clients daily.

Forensic Science Division

69 W. Washington – 17th Floor, Chicago, IL 
Phone: 312-603-8300

The Forensic Science Division (FSD) of the Law Office of the Cook County Public Defender litigates cases involving any forensic evidence, including, but not limited to, forensic DNA analysis, fingerprint analysis, ballistics comparisons, and  cell phone location technology.. It also provides training, case reviews, and litigation assistance for other Assistant Public Defenders in cases involving forensic science.

Homicide Task Force

2650 S. California, Chicago, IL 
Phone: 773-674-6989

The Homicide Task Force is a specialized division of the Law Office of the Cook County Public Defender, consisting of lawyers deemed to have sufficient experience to represent indigent people who are accused of first degree murder.  Assistant Public Defenders assigned to the Homicide Task Force have the resources of experienced investigators and support staff, and are able to enlist the help of highly qualified lawyers from throughout the Office to assist them at trial. Each member of the Homicide Task Force represents his or her client from the beginning of the case at the indictment stage through any sentencing that may take place after trial.

Investigations Division

2650 S. California, Chicago, IL 
Phone: 773-674-3217

The Investigations Division of the Law Office of the Cook County Public Defender offers support services for clients who are charged with any level of crime in Cook County.  Their duties include: finding and interviewing witnesses, serving court documents including subpoenas and court orders, photographing clients who have been injured while in custody, photographing the scenes of alleged crimes, diagramming the scenes of alleged crimes, running criminal background checks on witnesses, doing computer searches for a variety of information, and testifying in court.  Investigator's are assigned to each division in the office and within that division complete tasks at the request of the Attorney assigned to each case.

Juvenile Justice Division

2245 West Ogden, Chicago IL 
Phone: 312-433-7046

The Juvenile Justice Division represents youths accused of crimes ranging from first-degree murder to graffiti. By law, these clients are  17 years old or younger when the incident that trigger their cases begin. Our lawyers also represent children in situations in which the State is seeking to have the case transferred to adult court. In addition to the work done at the Juvenile Court facility at Ogden and Hamilton, attorneys travel to three suburban locations where juvenile cases are heard once a week. Those suburbs are Skokie, Rolling Meadows and Bridgeview.

Legal Resources Division

69 W. Washington – 15th Floor, Chicago IL 
Phone: 312-603-0600

The primary responsibility of the Legal Resources Division is to represent the indigent in post conviction matters and appellate cases. Attorneys assigned to Legal Resources also work to enhance the performance of lawyers in the various trial divisions of the Law Office of the Cook County Public Defender by providing legal research, training and litigation assistance.

Mitigation Division

2650 S. California, Chicago, IL Phone: 773- 674-3217

The Mitigation Division develops detailed psychosocial biographies of adult and juvenile clients who face incarceration sentences or dispositions. The mitigation evidence will be used to persuade the court that the clients should receive less severe sentences, alternatives to incarceration, or alternative dispositions. 

Multiple Defendant Division

2245 West Ogden, 7th Floor 
Phone: 312-433-5327

Attorneys assigned to the Multiple Defendant Division (MDD) of the Law Office of the Cook County Public Defender represent clients in felony and first degree murder cases where more than one person is accused. These attorneys are very experienced and  represent indigent accused throughout the county. They act independently of other divisions in the office to prevent any effects from a conflict between Public Defender clients.

Professional Development

69 W. Washington – 16th Floor, Chicago IL 
Phone: 312-603-0724

The Division of Professional Development is responsible for the professional development of management, attorneys, investigators, and support staff, who comprise the Law Office of the Cook County Public Defender. This is accomplished by combining the use of in-house training events with external training sources. The in-house events include week long workshops, day and half-day seminars, orientations, brown bag lunches and informal sessions. The division has a video and manual library available for training.

Suburban Divisions

Each suburban division is housed in one of 5 Cook County Courthouses located outside of the city of Chicago.  Each division is responsible for the representation of all indigent clients charged with any criminal case in the broader area which includes the suburb in which the court is located and, in some of the courthouses, some cases sent to them from Chicago to relieve some of the congestion in the Leighton Criminal Courthouse.  As such, each of the attorneys, investigators and support staff in the Suburban divisions must be familiar with the operations and practices of several different police agencies and the Cook County Sheriff’s Police.  The Suburban Divisions maintain their own staffs, which include attorneys that represent clients charged with everything from misdemeanors to first degree murder, investigators and support staff.

Trial Technology Division

2650 S. California Ave.–8th Floor, Chicago, IL 
Phone: 773-674-6989

The trial technology division provides technical support of all kinds to the attorneys, investigators and support staff of the Cook County Public Defender’s Office.  Besides helping to prepare visual presentations for use at trials and hearings, they offer training and support in the use of technology for all purposes of the staff of the Office.  They also work closely with the Cook County Bureau of Technology to insure that the Public Defender’s Office is creating and maintaining the most up to date technology to facilitate communication within the office and across the County with other criminal justice agencies and to optimize the internal workings of the Public Defender Office.