Board of Ethics


The Cook County Board of Ethics is responsible for enforcing the Cook County Ethics Ordinance.  The Ethics Ordinance requires all Cook County officials and employees to abide by a Code of Conduct, which sets forth general directives to ensure fair and honest government in Cook County. The members of the Board are responsible for making final decisions on cases alleging violations of the code of conduct and, if violations are found, has the power to levy fines and recommend corrective action. The Board also authorizes compliance actions based on audit findings; promulgates rules and regulations; issues formal advisory opinions interpreting the Cook County Ethics Ordinance; and makes recommendations on legislation and policy related to ethics.

Please visit the Boards of Ethics site for more information on the the board and its proceedings.


Four (4) years


Yes, by Cook County Board




Members of the Board of Ethics must be residents of Cook County; may not be employed by the County or any agency thereof during their terms; may not hold elected public or political party office within Cook County; may not have a financial interest in any work or business of, or official action by, the County; may not take an active part in managing the political campaign of a candidate for County office; may not be convicted of any felony or any crime involving moral turpitude; and may not be engaged in activities that require registration under the Cook County Lobbyist Registration Ordinance.


Five (5) members


Section 2-591

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