Pets and Animals

Animal Bite InvestigationsBites to humans and companion animals must be reported to the local police department or to the Cook County Sherif… Read More
Animal Shelter Grant Program The Cook County Department of Animal and Rabies Control (ARC) conducts Housing Cook County’s Animals grant pro… Read More
Educational ProgramsDue to the COVID-19 pandemic, Animal and Rabies Control is not currently offering in-person educational training program… Read More
Law Enforcement, Municipalities & Animal Control Officers (L.M.A.) Request for AssistanceLaw enforcement, municipal and animal control a… Read More
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This page is for Cook County residents with pets that have been vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian who need to purchase a rabies tag or r… Read More
Services for Unincorporated Areas of Cook CountyCook County Animal and Rabies Control offers select services for residents in unincorporated… Read More
Services for VeterinariansCook County Animal and Rabies Control offers a number of services for veterinarians and animal hospitals of Cook C… Read More
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Wildlife Surveillance Disease surveillance is accomplished through three main mechanisms: Read More