Illinois Labor Relations Board - Local Panel


The Local Panel of the Illinois Labor Relations Board has jurisdiction over collective bargaining matters between employee organizations and units of local government with a population in excess of 2 million persons, but excluding the Regional Transportation Authority. This includes Cook County, the City of Chicago and such entities as the Chicago Transit Authority, the Chicago Housing Authority and the Chicago Park District. The Local Panel does not have jurisdiction over educational employers or educational employees. 

Both the State and Local Panels of the Board conduct secret-ballot elections to determine whether public employees want union representation; certify, modify, and clarify bargaining units; investigate and remedy unfair labor practices by public employers and unions; process information regarding arbitration and mediation that will ultimately assist parties in resolving labor-related disputes; and upon demand, conduct emergency investigations of public employee strikes and strike threats to determine whether judicial proceedings are warranted to restrain or prevent such strike activity, by examining whether the health and safety of the public will be imperiled.

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Four (4) years, beginning 4th Monday in January, and until successor is appointed and qualified.


Yes, by Cook County Board


Chairman, $100,538 per year; Members, $90,487 per year.


Illinois residents with minimum of 5 years experience directly related to labor and employment relations in representing public employers, private employers or labor organizations; or teaching labor or employment relations; or administering executive orders or regulations applicable to labor or employment relations. Each member shall devote his or her entire time to the duties of the office, and shall hold no other office or position of profit, nor engage in any other business, employment, or vocation. No member shall hold any other public office or be employed as a labor or management representative by the State or any political subdivision of the State or of any department or agency thereof, or actively represent or act on behalf of an employer or an employee organization or an employer in labor relations matters.


Governor appoints one person as Chair for both panels;
State Panel — five members appointed by the Governor;
Local Panel — one member appointed by the Governor; (or if person is not appointed by the Governor, Chairperson of State Panel); one member appointed by the President of the Cook County Board; one member appointed by the Mayor of the City of Chicago.


5 ILCS 315/5

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