Salvage Program

Salvage Program

The Salvage Program, under the Department of Facilities Management, provides opportunities for employees to reuse office items. File cabinets, chairs, desks and other office furniture are available through this program, allowing Cook County to reuse materials and save cost. 

As part of the Cook County Salvage Program, Cook County employees are invited to review Cook County owned furniture and supplies to claim for their offices and workplaces every third week of each month. 

On the third week of each month, salvage materials will be available for internal allocation for 28 days via Cook County Public Surplus website:  County employees must register with County emails to view Cook County owned furniture.

Please contact your Department Salvage Coordinator to claim Cook County owned furniture.  Salvage questions and concerns should be directed to the salvage email address:

  • To learn more about the program, download the 2021 Salvage Flyer: Salvage Flyer
  • To process salvage requests, download the Salvage Request Form: Salvage Request Form
  • For broken, unsalvageable items (items that cannot be repurposed, recycled nor generate revenue), download the Property Disposal Form: Property Disposal Form
  • To submit salvage work order requests, access is required to the FAMIS Work Order System. To gain access to this system, download the Work Order Requester Form: Work Order Requestor Form
  • We encourage County departments to designate a Salvage Coordinator as their department’s primary contact to address their salvage requests, concerns or inquiries. To designate a Salvage Coordinator, download the Salvage Coordinator Identification Form: Salvage Coordinator Identification Form
  • A list of salvage coordinator responsibilities ensures the salvage process operates effectively and assist County departments in benefiting the most from the salvage process. Download the Salvage Coordinator Responsibilities document: Salvage Coordinator Responsibilities
  • All County employees must register with a county email address to view available salvage items. Only the department’s Salvage Coordinator has authorization to claim salvage items with Department Head approval. To view salvageable items, download the Public Surplus Internal Reallocation flyer: Public Surplus Internal Reallocation Information