Space Planning for County Agencies

A view of one of our interior spaces.

Space Planning for County Agencies

The Department of Real Estate is available to assist County agencies in need of space planning services. For assistance moving forward with a space planning project, please contact the Department of Real Estate’s Space Planners at (312) 603-0319 or (312) 603-0078. 

Every request for additional space, alterations within existing space, reduction of space or relocation of a department or group begins with the department initiating a Space Request by submitting the appropriate Space Request Form via the Capital Planning and Policy Business Case System. To be considered, Space Requests and Capital Project Requests must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Corrects code violation
  • Corrects a safety or security hazard
  • Addresses over-crowding
  • Reduces space use or addresses underutilization of space
  • Enhances productivity or efficiency
  • Relocates inactive records offsite

Cook County Office Standards

  • For any Department requesting to make a furniture purchase over $5000. Please submit a CEP request for furniture via the Capital Planning and Policy Business Case System first. Once approved, you can then submit a SAC request for furniture approval which is also through the Business Case System. Furniture Procurement Request Form
  • In order to submit a space request, please read the space allocation request form in its entirety before submitting. Space requests must be approved by the Department’s Director prior to submission. Please submit Space Requests Form via the Capital Planning and Policy Business Case System and be sure to select SAC request. Asset Management - Space Standards Ordinance
  • For all space planning projects, Cook County adheres to the County Space Standards, adopted by the Asset Management and Space Standards Ordinance in 2014. Space Allocation Request Form 5-4-2018
  • In order to calculate the appropriate amount of space needed by a department, Real Estate will use a Preliminary Programming form to estimate square footage needs based on FTE counts and their positions, storage needs, and associated office functions. Please review this form prior submitting your space request.  Preliminary Programming Form