Mission and Objectives

Mission Statement

The Cook County Historic Archives and Records Office (CARO) is responsible for compiling the history of Cook County Government and explaining the role the County played in the growth and development of the region, state and nation. CARO documents the significance of each County agency, providing a greater understanding for County residents and employees of the importance of each agency’s role in County government, past and present.


CARO will, specifically:

  • Identify for historical significance the documents, artifacts and materials County agencies have in their possession.
  • Preserve historic items according to the most current methodology available, both in physical and virtual form.
  • Catalogue historic items so a proper archive inventory is developed.
  • Provide access to the public for historic items for education and research purposes.
  • Promote the historic role of County government through public presentations and displays, an online presence and social media.
  • Coordinate activities and events to promote County history, leading up to the County’s Bicentennial celebration in 2031.