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Statement from President Preckwinkle on House Bill 5007`05/25/2012`Import Author`<a data-cke-saved-href=http://www.cookcountyil.gov/2012/05/25/statement-from-president-preckwinkle-on-house-bill-5007/preckwinkle_head_shot_1-71/ href=http://www.cookcountyil.gov/2012/05/25/statement-from-president-preckwinkle-on-house-bill-5007/preckwinkle_head_shot_1-71/ rel=attachment wp-att-6823><img class=alignleft size-full wp-image-6823 title=Preckwinkle statement on House Bill 5007 data-cke-saved-src=http://www.cookcountyil.gov/wp-content/uploads/blogv1-uploads/2012/05/Preckwinkle_Head_Shot_11.jpg src=http://www.cookcountyil.gov/wp-content/uploads/blogv1-uploads/2012/05/Preckwinkle_Head_Shot_11.jpg alt=Preckwinkle statement on House Bill 5007 width=260 height=200 /></a>“Yesterday evening, the Illinois General Assembly passed House Bill 5007. This initiative will allow the federal government to consider the Cook County Medicaid Waiver that, if approved, will permit current patients of the Cook County Health and Hospitals System who will be eligible for Medicaid coverage in 2014 to enroll early in a Cook County Medicaid Network with absolutely no cost to the state of Illinois.<br><br>“These are patients that our health system treats today.  By allowing them to enroll in a county Medicaid network prior to 2014, our health system will be able to access federal reimbursement for the costs of their care while transforming our health system into one that provides appropriate, coordinated and preventive care for their medical needs.<br><br>“If the federal government approves the Cook County Medicaid Waiver Proposal, Cook County residents who have an income below 133% of the federal poverty income threshold will be eligible to enroll in the county Medicaid network.  For a two-person family, this means earning less than $20,123 per year.  For a family of four, this means earning less than $30,657 per year.<br><br>“I want to thank Illinois General Assembly Leadership and Members of both parties who supported and voted for House Bill 5007.  Without their understanding of the importance of allowing our patients in the county health system to enroll early in a county-supported Medicaid network, many of our health clinics would have closed and services in our hospitals would have been reduced.”<br><br>Although House Bill 5007 is contingent on the passage of other pending legislation, the bill now goes to Governor Quinn for his consideration.  He is expected to sign this bill into law.<br><p style=text-align: left; align=center>Cook County Health & Hospitals System CEO Dr. Ram Raju on House Bill 5007 also made the following statement: “Yesterday evening, the Illinois General Assembly passed House Bill 5007, an initiative that allows the federal government to consider the Cook County Medicaid Waiver<strong>. </strong>If the federal government grants this Waiver, we anticipate being able to enroll as many as nearly 100,000 patients who would remain within the Cook County Health and Hospitals System until 2014.</p><br> <br><br>“I would like to thank President Toni Preckwinkle for her leadership and advocacy on this issue.  It is in both the State’s and the County’s best financial interests to support our securing this Waiver.<br><br>“An 1115 Waiver is a mechanism under the Affordable Care Act whereby the federal government would allow the Cook County Health System to “early enroll” certain uninsured patients into Medicaid.  Specifically, these are patients who are not currently eligible for Medicaid, but who will be eligible post 2014 under the Accountable Care Act.  And, significantly, these are patients who are already being treated by our System without compensation.” <strong></strong>`Health*None*None`Health and Hospitals System*None*Office of the President`Newspaper Article President Preckwinkle delivers keynote address at Interfaith Memorial Service for Indigent Persons`05/30/2012`Import Author`<a data-cke-saved-href=http://www.cookcountyil.gov/2012/05/30/president-preckwinkle-delivers-keynote-address-at-interfaith-memorial-service-for-indigent-persons/interfaith-memorial/ href=http://www.cookcountyil.gov/2012/05/30/president-preckwinkle-delivers-keynote-address-at-interfaith-memorial-service-for-indigent-persons/interfaith-memorial/ rel=attachment wp-att-6837><img class=alignnone size-full wp-image-6837 style=margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 10px; title=Interfaith Memorial data-cke-saved-src=http://www.cookcountyil.gov/wp-content/uploads/blogv1-uploads/2012/05/Interfaith-Memorial.png src=http://www.cookcountyil.gov/wp-content/uploads/blogv1-uploads/2012/05/Interfaith-Memorial.png alt=" class="alignleft" height="413" src="http://www.cookcountyil.gov/wp-content/uploads/blogv1-uploads/2012/05/Image-of-2012-Vehicle-Sticker.jpg" style="margin:" title="Image" width="550" />

President Toni Preckwinkle helped commemorate the lives of 609 indigent persons and unborn babies buried by the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office over the past year during an Interfaith Memorial Service hosted by the First United Methodist Church at the Chicago Temple.

The 27th annual observance was sponsored by the Memorial Ministry for Indigent Persons, founded by the late W. Earl Lewis in 1986 so that Chicagoans would have an opportunity to serve as a kind of surrogate family for those who died poor and alone. The service included a reading of the names of those buried over the 12 months, hymns sung by the First Light Acolytes Youth Choir, and devotional statements by representatives of the Christian, Jewish and Muslin faiths. The Reverend Phillip Blackwell, senior pastor at the church, officiated at the ceremony.

“The individuals we recognize today—we don’t know their stores, and we don’t know what brought them into our custody,” President Preckwinkle said during her keynote address. “But each was a member of our community. They had family and friends; they were daughters and sons, parents and grandparents. And today, while we may not have personally known them, we recognize them and honor them.”

She said for those who rely on the services of the Medical Examiner’s Office in their final hour of need, “we take very seriously this responsibility.”  President Preckwinkle said the county has made “significant reforms within the Medical Examiner’s Office,” under the leadership of Chief Administrative Officer Robin Kelly and her Deputy Administrator Martha Martinez.

“We have reviewed and formalized policies, personnel practices and procedures to make sure the office is fully accountable to all our residents. We’ve already seen progress. The changes we’ve implemented in the Medical Examiner’s Office will mean that those who come into our care will be laid to rest as quickly as possible, and with the utmost respect and dignity.”

President Preckwinkle also vowed to continue keeping service to all citizens as the county’s first and foremost goal.

“On this day, we recommit ourselves to the core values of public service. We renew our commitment to serve all of our residents, regardless of race, religion, or economic background.”

President Preckwinkle thanked the religious leaders gathered at the ceremony and also the ministers who volunteer their services at each burial.