Cook County Announces November Chicago, Suburban Locations for Long Range Transportation Plan Kiosks

 Kiosks used to generate and record public feedback for development Cook County’s Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) are in new locations for the month of November.

The kiosks utilize a survey program called MetroQuest which is designed to gather input on various questions related to transportation. Development of the LRTP is now in its second phase, during which people are being asked to define which transportation choices are most important to them and rate potential plan scenarios, ranging from maintaining the status quo to aggressively improving and investing in the overall transportation system.

For the month of November, the kiosks will be located at the following locations:

-          Chicago Public Library, West Chicago branch, 4856 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago

-          Harold Washington Library, 400 S. State St., Chicago

-          Wright College, 4300 N. Narragansett Ave., Chicago

-          Winnetka-Northfield Library, 768 Oak St., Winnetka

-          Stroger Hospital, 1969 W. Ogden Ave., Chicago

-          Lemont Public Library, 50 E. Wend St., Lemont

The kiosks are being rotated through all of the County’s Commissioner Districts three times during the course of the LRTP development process.

Called “Connecting Cook County,” the LRTP will look at the impact of transportation systems on economic opportunity and jobs, as well as development of livable and sustainable communities. Cook County’s last comprehensive transportation plan, now more than 70 years old, identified the corridors for the today’s Chicago-area expressway system. This LRTP is expected to set a transportation agenda through 2040.

The MetroQuest survey can also be accessed on line at the LRTP website,