Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle and the Department of Transportation and Highways Celebrate Completion of Lake Cook Road Reconstruction Project

The $58.5 million project reduces congestion and improves bicycle and pedestrian safety in the Villages of Wheeling and Buffalo Grove

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, the Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways (DoTH) and Cook County Commissioners were joined by federal, state and local officials to celebrate the completion of the Lake Cook Road Reconstruction Project earlier today. The project reduces traffic congestion and improves safety for pedestrians, vehicles and bicyclists on Lake Cook Road between Hastings Lane in Wheeling and Raupp Boulevard in Buffalo Grove.

“Improving the County’s infrastructure supports economic opportunities and safety – it’s a win-win,” said President Preckwinkle. “Making these necessary improvements to ensure drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists can commute efficiently through the County is a top priority of mine. I am grateful to all of our partners who have worked with us to complete this project on time and under budget.”  

Construction began in January 2020, after more than eight years of public engagement and design engineering. This $58.5 million dollar expansion project adds one lane in each direction and increases the number of lanes from four to six. Dedicated turn lanes were installed at intersections along Lake Cook Road at Buffalo Grove Road, McHenry Road (IL-83) and Weiland Road. This project also improves accessibility and safety for pedestrians and bicyclists through the construction of new sidewalks and ADA compliant crosswalks throughout the 1.5-mile corridor. Newly installed LED streetlights also benefit all users by enhancing nighttime visibility.

“Investing in this project was incredibly important due to the high volume of traffic. This is our most heavily travelled route with over 40,000 vehicles travelling on this road every day,” said DoTH Superintendent Jennifer “Sis” Killen. “By increasing capacity and adding pedestrian and bike infrastructure, we’re ensuring that residents traveling by car, bike or foot can take advantage of the upgrades along this route. I’m proud of President Preckwinkle’s strong leadership and collaboration with our partners to make this project a success.”

Nearly 44 percent of the project was funded by federal grants and local participation from Lake County Division of Transportation, the Village of Buffalo Grove and the Village of Wheeling. With the help of these partners, the County was able to add aesthetic elements and reduce congestion in the corridor. 

The completion of this project reduces congestion and idling vehicles, creating environmental benefits such as improved air quality. Additionally, upgraded LED street lighting decreases the corridor’s carbon footprint and the newly installed storm water system addresses potential flooding impacts from water runoff.

The Lake Cook Road Reconstruction Project follows the objectives laid out in Connecting Cook County, the County’s Long Range Transportation Plan, which was developed to guide where and how the County invests in transportation-related projects that support the growth and economic vitality of communities in Cook County.

Download broll of Lake Cook Road before and after reconstruction.

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“I’m excited to see a project become a reality,” said Jonathan Carroll, Illinois State Representative of the 57th District. “This was needed for a time, and we’ve made it happen.”

“The Lake Cook Road reconstruction is more than a road widening, it is a connection to opportunities," said Cook County Commissioner Scott Britton, 14th District. "While we invest in jobs and education to help residents thrive, the County must also build infrastructure for residents to access them. I thank President Preckwinkle, Department of Transportation Superintendent Killen, and leaders in Wheeling and Buffalo Grove for ensuring that people and businesses in the 14th District and beyond will be able to get to point A to point B faster, safer, and more predictably."

“Lake Cook Road is a primary travel corridor for north suburban Cook County,” said Cook County Commissioner Deborah Sims, 5th District. “The nearly $60 million project provides a multimodal connection for all transportation users and leverages state and federal resources to deliver a product that will serve the generations to come.”


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